92 comments on “My Sunday Photo: An only child?

  1. I’ve seen ducks with a single child a few times, and I thought it was normal. This is one beautiful capture, Sylvia. I have missed a lot here….be back soon xx

  2. Hmmm. Tis unusual. May this babe isn’t as curious as the others in the bunch and wants to stay close to Mama. I’m a highly sensitive duck, myself, so I get it… πŸ™‚

  3. So cute! I hope this little one will survive. I did read somewhere that on average only two ducklings out of ten hatchlings survive into adulthood…that is sad statistics. But since their nests are on the ground they are most vulnerable to predators of all kinds.

  4. I hope the chick is an only child or the last to leave the nest. We have 2 adult turkeys coming through the yard lately and there are about 8 babies following. That’s what we’re used to seeing.

  5. Down by the river two by two
    Widdy-waddle, widdy-waddle two by two
    ~ from a children’s song my mother sang to me

    I know why you say it is strange to see a single duckling. Cute picture.

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