Would you mind an upgrade?

We couldn’t get a booking at the same hotel as our son and family for the Tuesday night, so stayed at ‘Ocean Key Resort and Spa’ just across the road. When we checked in, the young woman behind the desk asked, “Would you mind having the Honeymoon Suite? It’s a little smaller but there’s a great view from the balcony.”


“It’s got a shower and a jacuzzi.”


I replied, “I’d really hate that, but I’m sure we’ll cope.”


Our son offered to trade us for their room with a view of the car park, on condition we also had the three grandchildren for the night. I really love him to bits, but there are limits. What do you think we did?






77 comments on “Would you mind an upgrade?

  1. How on earth did you cope Sylvia? What a hard decision, but in the end I’m sure you made the best of things;-) How wonderful, all the more sweeter for being unexpected 😀 xx

  2. Beautiful and such a serendipitous occasion
    I love upgrades, refunds and extra servings of food items as thanks for being patient in line or other reasons. 🙂

  3. I always feel a slight tropical breeze when I visit your site! This is quite a nice upgrade, and I’m certain there was a sign in the room that said “no children allowed.” 😉

    • It was only a very slight breeze, Elisa. The temperatures were very high. Yes, of course one wouldn’t want children running amok in this beautiful room. Our son’s room looked like a hurricane had passed through it. 😓

    • Thanks, Jill. I didn’t feel a thing. Our son’s middle name should be ‘upgrade’. 🙂 His friend once asked to borrow his lucky shoes, and his wife used to call him ‘Golden Boy’ when they first met.

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