Travel Theme Grey: A Storm Brewing

Ailsa’s Travel Theme this week is ‘Grey’. Early yesterday evening we were treated to dramatic dark grey skies here in sunny Florida.


As usual, hubby had been working on the abandoned house renovations all day, and when he had got home and showered, we were planning to go out to Home Depot for yet more supplies. Luckily the storm didn’t last long and the skies soon started to clear.


I must do an update on the the house progress. He’s doing a great job, but still so much more to do.

If you have any grey photos to show us, do join Alisa’s Travel Theme this week.


75 comments on “Travel Theme Grey: A Storm Brewing

  1. I do love dark, grey skies like this, but also when it clears too. We’ve had some rain lately which I never take for granted. It’s what keeps England so green, as you well know! And I can’t wait to read of your house updates πŸ™‚ xx

    • Oh yes, we definitely need rain for the gardens, Sherri. I must take some photos of the house progress, although I must warn you that it’s still several months until we’ll be able to live in it. πŸ™‚ xx

  2. My most favourite kind of weather in the summer. Great shots Sylvia and can’t wait to see how your hubby is progressing with the renovations. πŸ˜€

  3. Still hoping to see some of those gray skies here. What I remember from Florida was the nearly daily rain showers. Most of them short little deluges and then back to sun. We are about to launch a house project not unlike yours and I’m lucky not to have to move until it’s done, or at least close to done. Is a house project ever TRULY done?

    • Hahaha. That’s a very good question Gunta. Good luck with the project. They came to put in new hurricane proof sliding doors today and the guy who did the measurements had got the tubing wrong by 3 feet. There were also a few other important errors, so they could take a week to sort it out before they come back again. Hubby is a great believer in the saying “if you want something doing properly, do it yourself ” but unfortunately this wasn’t a job he was able to manage on his own. 😁

  4. Great storm capture, Sylvia. Hope you guys got some rain . . . it’s been concentrated around us for long enough.

    And, yes, please do an update on your house.

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