Weekend thoughts over breakfast

When I was still working, I understandably used to look forward so much to the weekends. I wonder why now that I’m retired, the weekends are still so special. Is it that old habits die hard, or is there really something magical about these two days whose names just happen to begin with the same letter as my own name?


W aiting eager for relaxation
E ach weekday seems like a year
E ndless workdays in between
K eep my eyes just fixed on Friday
E lusive though it often seems
N early there, the prize is waiting
D one with work and now I’m free

W here has all my free time gone to
E ven whilst I was enjoying
E very moment of weekend fun
K eeping work on the back burner
E njoyment seemed to be the key
N ow it’s Sunday, almost over
D rat my weekend’s been and gone!


Wishing you all a delicious weekend.

77 comments on “Weekend thoughts over breakfast

  1. Yes now you mention it weekends do feel different. Must admit though I sometimes forget which day it is until I see more children at the beach… Love your poem…

  2. Love your poem and the perfect breakfast for the weekend. Mmmm… I made American pancakes on Sunday as it was my daughter’s birthday and had my middle boy home. Here’s to wonderful weekends! Hope you had a lovely one too Sylvia to match this lovely post πŸ™‚ xx

  3. What a fabulous poem, Sylvia πŸ˜€ That breakfast sure looks good and even though I don’t ‘leave the house’ to work anymore, I still have that ‘weekend breakfast’ only on the weekends πŸ˜‰

  4. Looks like I am too late for the breakfast 😦 But please do tell me what lies underneath those perfectly poached eggs? I had sausages today, most unusual for me but we did have visitors!

  5. Good poem, Ad πŸ™‚ My weekends tend to be much more mundane than my weeks (though not always πŸ™‚ ) so I tend to look forward to Mondays. Sorry! 😦
    Off to eat pink grapefruit and toast in the garden before I start the chores. Can count on one hand how many more garden breakfasts I’ll have this year. (but none like yours!) Happy Sunday!

  6. I think the weekend will always be something special for me. The community takes on a different feel, families are out and about, and life just seems so different

  7. A very YUMMY breakfast. I love the weekends, too. The weekdays remind me of being responsible. Well, I guess I am since I’m still president of our business. I still enjoy it and that’s the way work should be. A thought provoking post, Sylvia.
    Is coffee being served with those eggs??? 😎

  8. Weekends don’t mean as much when I struggle to remember what day of the week it is. Then again, I try to stay away from the beach on weekends to avoid the crowds. I find much joy in being free to go with my personal schedule rather than a work week.

      • Not so far gone, but the day of the week has pretty much lost its meaning unless it’s to avoid the weekend crowds. Hated most of the jobs I had when working for a boss. It was much more fun when I got to be boss.

  9. Retirement is one loooooong weekend! I like the week’s activities here in the Village, but I also like the quietness of the weekends. I usually see the family over the weekends. Baby-girl Emryn is getting so cute and I love to make her laugh.

    • For some people it is, but C is is still beavering away on the house renovations. He’s busy putting up a barrel ceiling this weekend. 😯 Emryn is really cute. I bet she adores her granny. πŸ™‚

  10. Though I don’t work regularly (and very little, must say) I still keep loving weekends…
    When I rest , I like that other people can rest , too! And how quickly those two days flow!
    Your poems are very suggestive and the photo…yummy!

  11. That looks delicious. I may just have to whip up something similar tomorrow for breakfast. I’m sure there will be a mimosa near by. Isn’t that the proper way to start a Sunday morning πŸ˜‰

  12. Oh I don’t know – weekends are still those days when everyone else is off, when the shops are mostly closed, where you feel you are allowed to sit and read the paper or have a glass of wine with lunch without feeling too decadent, the days when you don’t think you need to sort out the drycleaning, the sewing, painting the spare bedroom, retired or no, life still has quite enough chores in store and so on Sunday I think we feel we are “allowed” to just be (well mostly I usually feel guilty that I didnt do enough in the week)..

  13. Strange isn’t it? But they are still quiet and peaceful, maybe that’s what makes the difference.

    One of my favourite breakfasts was in NZ. It was a beautiful hollandaise, poached egg, spinach mix. Perfect eggs florentine. Difficult to find as most places seem to mess about with it too much. And the sort of thing that’s a pain to make as it’s so faffy!

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