My Sunday Photo: Living the good life in Key West

Boats of all sizes abound in The Keys. Along the the road, we saw lots of vehicles towing boats, and there were hundreds of them stacked up at the various boat retailers along the highway. In Key West, luxury motor yachts regularly zipped their way past our hotel. What a life! I think I could definitely get used to it.



I’ve just seen that this is my 500th post since I restarted my blog 1 year and 9 months ago. Thanks so much to all of you who follow and comment here. ❀


82 comments on “My Sunday Photo: Living the good life in Key West

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  2. I never get tired of looking at these luxurious boats travel through the colorful blue waters. I live near a marina. Seeing them zip back and forth is exciting. I prefer watching rather than owning. We were tempted years ago. The work and maintenace along with my lack os swimming skills turned us into watchers instead. I’ll stick with cruising if I want to be on the water. Great photo ….!!!! 🚣🏻

  3. This was a perfect 500th post. Congratulations for presenting numerous and memorable posts for u s to treasure.
    My Mom fell and had yo have hip surgery and usually I play catch up on weekends but couldnt. I will be back as mentioned by the Terminator, Arnold Schwarzenegger. πŸ™‚

  4. Congrats on your 500th post Sylvia. I have been blogging now for 5 years and still have not hit that benchmark. We stopped in Miami on our way to the Keys a couple of years ago and stopped by the boat show. Unbelievable the size of those boats!

  5. That also reminds me of seeing luxury boats in Fl too. I think that may be common along the coast (at least I have seen them along the east coast).

    Congratulations for the 500th posts!!!

  6. I also think I wouldn’t mind having a nice luxury yacht, and even live on one Sylvia. You have such a beautiful view from the hotel. I can see you are having fun for sure. πŸ˜€

    Congrats on the milestone and may there be many, many more. β™₯

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