My Sunday Photo: Flower Power

I find that flowers are powerful mood brighteners, so I’m hoping these which I have on my coffee table, will help to cheer your day too.


I need to take a break from blogging for a while, as I have so much happening in my life at the moment, and today my sister called me to say that our darling mom is not doing at all well. You may remember that I went over to South Africa at the end of May for Mom’s 90th birthday. Hubby and I are looking at flights again, and may have to fly back there again within the next few days.


53 comments on “My Sunday Photo: Flower Power

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  2. It is difficult when our parents are so far away. My dad is 92 in two weeks and not doing very well. You’ll be in my thoughts and prayers, Sylvia.

  3. Sylvia I am so sorry to hear about your Mom. Of course you need to be focused on your family. I will be sending positive energy your way. I will be taking some time off too as our daughter is being married next weekend. I hope when we reconnect you will have good news about your darling Mom.

  4. Whatever happens . . . I’m glad you had a chance to celebrate your mom’s 90th birthday with her. Many children never have that opportunity.

    Safe travels!

  5. I didn’t want to click the like button but I do like the flowers.
    Your news, though, isn’t. No ones wants to hear that kind of news especially you. I hope she has a turn around in her health. She looked wonderful on her birthday. You have a safe and stress free journey.
    Sending healing thoughts and prayers your way. Issy 🙏🏻

  6. You’re so right about flowers – they do lift the spirit, and that brings it’s own healing powers!
    I love to pick mixed bunches of flowers all summer, and put them around the house in little vases – that’s what summer is all about to me!
    Best wishes to you and your family.
    Emma 🙂

  7. May God bless your sweet Mama. May He watch over you during your travels and thankful you are able to return to stay with her and be by her side.
    My Mom fell a week and a day ago. She had to have surgery on her shattered hip bone. The surgeon said the pieces of bones were like puzzle pieces and he was able to use titanuum to “bead” the pieces and bone together.
    I don’t pretend to understand what the doctor did; but do believe in God and in His love for all people. I hope that all goes well. Also, moved to tears in concern for your mother. Take as much time as you need, my new friend.

      • Thank you for this lovely comment and wish your mother had recovered from her lack of appetite. Sometimes, as you mentioned in one of your last posts about your mother, people give up and decide they would like to meet their Maker, a wonderful angel she will make, too. I liked her sparkling eyes and her sweet loving smile. The Mother’s Day visit with all around her surely blessed her heart.
        Mom will be okay, not like she doesn’t have a little spunk left in her. She can be ornery but I like this about her since she taught me to be independent, Sylvia. Thanks for your loving words about my Mom. So sorry , I really am, that your mother was sick. I am glad at least I was able to send you off with good wishes for travel mercies. xo

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