Darling Mom, I miss you already

My darling Mom passed away peacefully earlier today, with my sister and her husband by her side. So, I didn’t get to see her again, which saddens me greatly. I don’t think anything can prepare us for the death of a parent, and especially a mother. There is such a special bond between a mother and her child, which is profound and unfathomable. Whilst I had my mom, I was still her child. Now that she’s gone, I feel somewhat at a loss. My dad died ten years ago, and that was really hard, but I still had my mom, so all was not lost. Over the past couple of years, her mental health had deteriorated and she’d become very frail. I think that last week when she stopped eating and couldn’t even swallow liquids, she had decided that she’d had enough and it was now time to go to her eternal rest. I have so many happy memories to hold onto, and that twinkle in her eye is one of them.


Mom was always of very slim build; on a sofa she took up hardly any space at all. In spite of her slight frame, she was a powerhouse of energy and wasn’t at all afraid of hard work. I remember that when I was a child, she worked from early morning and often late into the night doing stuff for her family. We didn’t have money to spare, so she made what we did have, stretch and stretch as far as possible. She baked and pickled and bottled and sewed as though her life depended on it. She made sure that my sister and I were always well turned out, and she spent many evenings making us beautiful dresses and jackets.  She not only cleaned her own house, but also went out to clean an elderly neighbour’s house in her ‘spare’ time. Mom taught me how to iron at a very early age, and I remember how proud I was as an eight-year-old, to be able to iron dad’s handkerchiefs. She was a timid cook but a fantastic baker. Her apple pies and coconut tarts were second to none, and every day, we had dessert of some kind. Her “wait and see” chocolate pudding was our absolute favourite.

Mom had a sharp wit and a wonderful sense of humour. When were together, the smiles and laughter came thick and fast. She saw the funny side of everything, and I’ve inherited this sometimes embarrassing trait. My sister is the same but even worse, and when the three of us got together, you would have been forgiven for assuming that we’d been let out for the day from some institution for the insanely comical. I’ve also passed this gene on to my daughter, and our long-suffering husbands have just had to learn to live with it, bless their cotton socks.

Some of you may remember that Mom celebrated her 90th birthday at the end of May. It was a very special occasion indeed, and I didn’t realise then that it would be the last time I saw her.


Mom’s unwavering faith in God has been a constant in our family, and she has set a great example to us all. She wasn’t perfect of course,  but she truly believed that one day she would be with her Lord in Paradise. Oh that we could all find the perfect peace that she felt about moving on from this earthly life. Mom you will forever be in my heart.


Today has been very traumatic and many tears have been shed, but I thought I’d just let you know what’s been happening with me. Hubby and I will be in South Africa for the memorial service on Tuesday, and will stay for a while with my sister, so that we can spend time together, remembering our Mom and chatting about the good times. I’ll see you all when I return to Florida.

230 comments on “Darling Mom, I miss you already

  1. First, I want to extend my condolences for the loss of your Mom. No one ever replaces Mom in our hearts. I hope you and your family are doing well.

    I’ve been up already for an hour, well before sunrise. I’m sad and can’t sleep. I haven’t read my fave blogs nor posted on mine in months…. Something drew me to my computer now, and then to my saved fave blogs folder, and your post title jumped out at me. I lost my Mom a year next week, and I am still struggling with losing her. It’s been rough lately, I cannot believe a year is passing. The poem you posted is beautiful and comforting, it has brought a lot of emotion as I sit here, reading it over and over again, along with your post. Thank you. I feel I was meant to see it today. 🙂

    I know our Moms are smiling down on us right now.
    Hugs, Donna

    • Thanks so much for your lovely comment and condolences. I’m so sorry about your Mom. Yes, the thoughts and memories are always with us, every single day. I’m happy that you liked the poem and that it brought some comfort to you. *hugs* Sylvia

  2. My dear Sylvia, I am so sorry for your loss. Have been so tied up with my travels, I neglected to check in. Sincere apologies. Losing a mother is especially hard at any age. I am glad you got to spend time with her recently. Sending warm hugs your way. Take care.

  3. No way to replace a Mam, Ad, but what joyful memories you share. I was especially impressed that she took to driving again at 80! Perhaps there’s hope for me yet. Much love to you xxx

  4. I think that I must have missed this post and am so awful sorry to have to say a very belated condolences. I am sorry you lost your Dad over 10 years ago, I relate to that loss. I am hoping my Mom who is 86 will keep on going but about a month ago, she fell and shattered her hip so she is more frail and fragile. I am really saddened to not have “been there for you.”
    Sylvia, your words were so lovely and loving describing all the many sacrifices your mother did for you and your family. She was an indomitable spirit showing God’s love in her actions and words. You were truly blessed, my friend. Her making food, sewing, cleaning your home as well as another’s and your list was mighty in its gifts she gave you daily. Desserts are such a sweet way to show how much she loved you, too.Hugs, Robin

  5. RIP… I’m sure she’ll continue to live in your heart… ❤ like all our dear ones who passed – suddenly or slowly, our mutual love never fades out… courage, strength, serenity and warm thoughts…
    * * *
    my papa passed away 24 years ago(at 63!), and my mama 9 years ago, at 74, RIP… I've been their only kid and they still live in my heart… ❤

  6. I am so sorry for your loss Sylvia and I do remember your post about your mum’s 90th birthday. She is most definitely with her beloved Lord and I am sure she knows how much you miss her. She sounds like a wonderful lady and mother, what wonderful memories to cherish. Take care, Pennie

  7. Dear Sylvia,
    Your photo captures that twinkle! No matter how old or how sick, to lose the ones who love us the best in the world, leaves us bereft.
    I am sorry for the loss of your dear mother.
    Happy to hear you and your sister got to spend time together to remember. Thinking of you and sending love and sympathy as you travel this new journey of grief. xxoo Ruth in Pittsburgh

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