Travel Theme: A Berry Delicious Breakfast

Ailsa’s Travel theme this week is ‘Fruit’. I love to eat berries for breakfast, and when we were in Key West a couple of months back, this is how they were served up, in a cute glass jar with granola and yoghourt underneath. Just looking at the photo brings back such great memories of an idyllic few days spent with our son and three little grandchildren.



88 comments on “Travel Theme: A Berry Delicious Breakfast

  1. I have to agree with lingeringvisions… the jar is too full so its hard to break into the bottom. I like a sloped side as well for that reason so you can dig all the way to the bottom and get a bit of everything at once

  2. That looks so delicious! It’s so cute to serve them in those jars Sylvia. What a great idea! And you took such a great shot of it! I would love to have a breakfast like that every morning. 😀

  3. Dude … That looks like something I should have eaten today …. Ahhhhh but there were no berries in sight. Not even bananas … Just cereal. What an awesome morning food.

  4. I love berries. We grew enough strawberries and raspberries on our allotment this summer, to have berries for breakfast every morning for a month. Now I’m into new season organic blueberries shipped from the southern hemisphere (unfortunately), along with my tropical bananas. It’s all very well people saying we should eat local seasonal fruit, but I don’t really fancy the rowan berries growing on the tree outside my window!

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