Keep Calm and Scary on

In September, after a delicious dinner at the Makaranga Garden Lodge with my sister and brother-in-law, the walk back up to the car park was quite hair raising. Do you think these photos of the sculptures which seemed to leap out of the darkness at me, are spooky enough for Halloween?


In daylight, they hadn’t look half as sinister but In the gloom, and after a couple of glasses of wine, they took on an otherworldly appearance.


This guy looked seriously menacing and I was really glad I wasn’t on my own.


This was my ‘favourite’ fright; a disembodied bald head nestling in the bushes, and I still had to walk up those steps!


I think after all those spine-chilling images, you need a tasty little treat.


Happy Halloween to you all, and as Zelda Witchy-Boo says,


“Keep Calm and Scary On.”

Benches fit for a Zulu Palace

Jude’s October bench series is almost over, so I’m going to show you a whole lot of benches  with things on, to be found at the amazing Ammazulu African Palace Hotel where we stayed for a few days in September.


Every bench was different, both the carving and the cushions.


This place was truly a bench addict’s dream.


I went around the place, avidly snapping up benches for all I was worth. Had to take this one from the other side of the gallery.


What an absolute bench bonanza!


I wonder where the owner and designer of this palatial hotel, found so many beautiful benches.


I think this one looks even better from above, flanked by the two of the forty exquisite, beaded and mosaiced pillars, which dominated this stunning creation.


Out on our balcony which overlooked the picturesque Kloof Gorge, there were three more benches.


Are you benched out yet, Jude?


I’m sure there were even more benches there to which I didn’t have access. Maybe next time.

You have only one more day to post your benches for Jude, which are occupied by something or someone.

Bench Series #43: When is a bath not a bath?

When it’s a bench of course!


I found this rather scruffy looking bench, at a garden nursery in South Africa, and thought it would do for Jude’s Bench Series, ‘bench with someone or something sitting on it’.

Have a great Tuesday, and don’t worry, I still have loads more benches up my sleeve.

Oh, when the geese come marching in.

In May we had two Egyptian geese show up in our backyard,


and what a lot of noise they made, even trying to wake Mr. A from his slumbers on the bank opposite.


They stayed around for about an hour and then flew away never to be seen again until a couple of days ago, when the whole tribe arrived to check out the resort. They looked so funny just standing there staring out across the water.


These two, probably the same ones who were here in May, appeared to be the tour guides.


“Follow us, and don’t forget to ‘walk like an Egyptian’,” they honked, as they all marched away towards the golf course to inspect the rest of the facilities.


I haven’t seen them again, so maybe they decided to try out all the country clubs around here, before making up their minds which one they want to join.

My Sunday Photo: Rainbow’s End

It’s always such a joy to see a rainbow, and this time, the end of it seemed to be quite close. in fact just the other side of the lake dividing us from our neighbours. That pot of gold had probably never been closer, but with Mr. A lurking somewhere in there, I thought it wisest not to swim over to look for it.



WPC: Careful (ly) does it.

So many things we do in life require great care and precision.

This basket seller in Phuket must carefully balance his load before setting off down the road with it.

A Kosovan ex gymnast who I met after his morning run along the Umhlanga promenade, had carefully kept his muscles in fine shape, even though it was more than twenty-five years since he competed and won a medal in the Olympics.

On the beach, this lady is carefully considering her next move.


My sister carefully painted this reproduction of a painting of his wife Annie Hall by our artistic Dutch ancestor Jan Toorop.


Mr. GBH is carefully contemplating the best way to go about eating his rather huge catch.


Be careful to really enjoy your weekend.

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Bench Series #42: Miss Daisy reads the Daily Mooews

Here’s another one for Jude’s Bench Series #42.

Our little granddaughter Sienna on a visit to Johannesburg, found a a rather surprising bench occupant. Miss Daisy had sat down for just a few minutes to rest her aching feet and peruse the ‘Daily Mooews’, before continuing with her shopping spree at one of Africa’s most prestigious malls.


Wishing you all a very happy weekend with lots of fun, good food and relaxation.

Travel Theme: Letters about Funny Bunnies

Ailsa’s Travel Theme ‘Letters’, reminded me of my visit to the ‘Zulu-Lulu’ art shop at a place called ‘Piggly Wiggly’ with my sister in September.  There were many paintings and sculptures for sale, but these quirky little figures by talented Durban based ceramicist, Tracy-Jane Voss are what really caught my eye. Her first exhibition was called, “Some Bunny Loves You,” and here are three of those beautifully crafted bunnies, each with its own story to tell. I couldn’t resist taking photos, not only of the figures, but also of the explanation in words as to what characters they represented.

First there’s Ernie, who it would appear is not at all happily married.



Then there is Miss Dee Lite who it would appear is no better than she should be, and has a tenuous connection to Ernie.



Last of the three is Basil Bunny, Master Chef Extraordinaire.



‘Letters’ are important, as without these notes on each piece, they would just be rather strange bunny sculptures, but now we know exactly what type of bunny each one is, and it’s anyone’s guess which real-life people inspired their creation. I sense the artist is a delightfully mischievous young lady.

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