Thursday Doors: Doors fit for a palace.

When we went back to South Africa for Mom’s memorial service in September, we couldn’t stay with my sister for the first few days as she had a house full. My brother-in-law organised for us to stay in the Presidential Suite at the nearby ‘AmmaZulu African Palace’,  a unique luxury lodge on the edge of the Kloof Gorge and Krantzkloof Nature Reserve. This eclectic and amazing creation is the brainchild of Peter Amm, a local collector, artist and architect. We’d been there a couple of times for lunch and a tour, so it was really special to be able spend a few nights in this fabulous ‘palace’ which is so different from any hotel we’ve ever stayed in before.

Here, for Norm’s ‘Thursday Doors Challenge’ are three of its beautiful doors.

The amazing and impressive front entrance.


The inside view of the door which was rescued from a bank which was being demolished.

The front door.

The side door out to the car park, was salvaged from a Balinese temple. and brought over to South Africa.


One of the two doors into the breakfast room, also from the same temple.


I have lots more photos of this awesome place which I’ll share with you in later posts. I wish you all a very happy and relaxing weekend.

If you have interesting door images, you can find Norm’s challenge here.


75 comments on “Thursday Doors: Doors fit for a palace.

  1. A totally gorgeous place – would I have loved a stay there! The colours, the ornaments and the doors…wow. I have never stayed in something like this.

  2. What a fascinating place – just the kind of lodgings I love although I’m not sure I’ve stayed anywhere this interesting. I look forward to your future expansion on this story!

  3. I could not believe you revealed all of these instead of making 4 weeks of doors, Sylvia. Each one had their special story and intricate details. I know it wasn’t the fanciest but yhe one that came from a bank with gorgeous light purine through the stained glass was my favorite. ◇◇◇◇ diamonds sent for your brilliance!

  4. How fascinating. It reminds me a bit of Portmeirion which was ‘cobbled’ together from fragments of demolished buildings, by Clough Williams-Ellis and contains some unusual buildings. I’d love to visit this hotel with its wonderful doors 🙂

  5. Oh my goodness like being an a treasure hunt exploring such a place. I hope the amazing accommodation brought at least distraction if not comfort during such a challenging time.

  6. An impressive place. Love that Balinese. All that intricate carving. Must be hundreds of hours of work in that.
    Great choices – thanks for sharing them 🙂

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