Bench Series #41: I had to look twice

These charming sculptures were spotted through the fence surrounding the small park below the Key West lighthouse. I really had to look twice to make sure that they weren’t real people. Unfortunately the gate was locked, so we couldn’t get in to have a closer look.

A mother and daughter were enjoying an afternoon picnic in the park, when something caught their attention.


Maybe they were waiting for grandma to stop searching around in her purse and come over to join them.

This lady looked to be searching for something in her purse.

Jude’s Bench Series #41 is going to get quite a few entries from me this month. Do you have any photos of benches with something or someone on them?

84 comments on “Bench Series #41: I had to look twice

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  2. Now that is so adorable! I would look twice as well. It’s not something you see often for sure Sylvia. Great shots and catch. πŸ˜€ β™₯

  3. Oh cool! There are sculptures on benches on the banks of Dublin’s canals too, although they’re just plain cast bronze. Both are of famous Irish writers – Patrick Kavanagh sits beside the Grand Canal on the south side of the city, and Brendan Behan is on the Royal Canal in the north. You’d never mistake them for real people (unless you missed your optician’s appointment) but the Brendan Behan sculpture has a scarily piercing gaze!

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