61 comments on “Wordless Wednesday: Let’s go fly a kite

  1. These are so incredibly life-like, I still marvel at it. Even though they are not actual flesh and blood, the sculptor has captured the essence of “flesh and blood” – I hope I’m making sense.

  2. And again, just love these sculptures, so unique and realistic. Such a beautiful park. Have a wonderful weekend Sylvia, we’re off to visit the boys in Brighton πŸ™‚ xx

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  4. queste intallazioni sono molto di moda anche in alcune delle nostre città, ad esempio giorni fa a Lunna avevo visto un ragazzino seduto che digitava con lo smatphone, sono ripassata dallo stesso posto dopo circa un ora ed era ancora lì nella stessa posizione, ha ha, spolo allora mi sono accorta che era una istallazione, ci sono cascata in pieno!!

  5. this made me laugh. A short while ago we were at the park when a couple of dads and their children arrived with kites. One lad had a teddy that his Dad had put a parachute on and then tied to the kite. Up it went and then somehow the dad released the parachute. Teddy came down like a rocket, parachute did not deploy!

  6. It had to be frustrating not being able to get in for a closer look. Was it bad timing or not open to the public? Did you mention where this fascinating park is?

  7. Wow. What a strange idea this park full of sculptures like this! I think I probably would’ve climbed the fence to get in there and have a good look around! Thanks for sharing these!

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