My Sunday Photo: Rainbow’s End

It’s always such a joy to see a rainbow, and this time, the end of it seemed to be quite close. in fact just the other side of the lake dividing us from our neighbours. That pot of gold had probably never been closer, but with Mr. A lurking somewhere in there, I thought it wisest not to swim over to look for it.



81 comments on “My Sunday Photo: Rainbow’s End

  1. I would have imagined that Mr A was enlisted to guard that pot of gold. If you knew your neighbors across the pond, they might have retrieved it for you?

  2. Beautiful photograph, Sylvia! Last summer, I drove home from work and a rainbow beamed into my car for two miles. It was amazing. A few weeks later, I received my first book contract. Chase those rainbows!

  3. The rainbow is gorgeous, Sylvia. I like the thought of making a wish on a rainbow. It is such a gift when you capture a rainbow like this and the reflection is awesome. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. At great expense and loss of sanity I once, during my long life, got to the end of a rainbow only to find a troll there who told me that the pot of gold was at the other end!

  5. That is a beautiful rainbow. I think some one just checked out to see all the gold pieces are still in the pot ๐Ÿ™‚ Oh, that is a wise idea not to cross the area that Mr. A is patrolling.

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