My Sunday Photo: Looking for breakfast

Mr. GBH can’t just go to the fridge and pull out the fruit and yoghurt, or bacon and eggs for breakfast. He has to carefully creep along the water’s edge looking for unsuspecting fishes. Fish for every meal means lots of lean protein and heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids.Β No wonder he stays so slim and healthy. Just look at those thighs…….not an ounce of fat on them!





78 comments on “My Sunday Photo: Looking for breakfast

  1. I don’t think wild birds get fat. If they did, they’d stay permanently grounded. I think that battery turkeys and chickens probably do get fat, as evidenced by the drains on Boxing Day every year. I think that Mr. GBH has a grand life in comparison — hunting for fish in the big wide open.

      • Possibly under different circumstances, no, I wouldn’t mind. Birds have to eat as well, of course, and they eat fish. It’s natures way.

        But the problem is, after all these years they become like pets – which they are in a way.
        Our oldest koi, Titan is 16 this year. We’ve had him since our previous home, so we’ve gotten attached to them.

      • Of course I knew! πŸ™‚
        There are plant pots all around the edge of the pool..
        Over the past month I have allowed the bird time, so’s I could see if or where he was getting to the edge.
        I think we have managed to seal all access.
        Though Dave, the guy who owns the pace where I buy the koi food from is adamant that unless I net the pool, the bird will find a way.
        I am hoping lots of plant pots and three dogs will be enough.
        Fingers crossed.

  2. Oh, for thighs like that! Except, I’m quite partial to the whole refrigerator idea and not so much foraging in nature……..sigh….

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