1 Year in Amsterdam.

So proud of my adventurous young South African niece Cheré, who has successfully carved out a new life for herself in the Netherlands this past year.

looking for signs



It’s so much more than that though. I changed my entire life this past year.   If you include moving out of my beloved apartment in Durban, I have moved home 3 times.  (That’s excluding all the temporary stays in between.) I have gotten rid of and gathered belongings. (Although I really am trying to keep accumulation of stuff to a bare minimum.) I was unemployed for 6 months and then squashed 2 intense jobs into the other 6 months. We got robbed twice. I managed to do all the major museums and art galleries, as well, as some not so major ones. Explored the beach, national parks, festivals, boat parties, music on rooftops, clubs, dates, I saw my favourite band TWICE and so much more. New friends, new housemates, new everything! This has truly been a year of living to the max. When I look back, what surprises me…

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32 comments on “1 Year in Amsterdam.

  1. I am amazed, Sylvia. Your family really are adventuresome. May God watch over her and bless her, too. You all seem so talented. Wonder if Sienna looks forward to this when she grows up, Traveling far and wide. I can sense pride from you. ♡

  2. Very nice and interesting story.. I like this kind of stories. Just read a story about a young man moving around all over the states and he was quite happy to learn different works and local cultures.

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