95 comments on “My Sunday Photo: Evening Meditation

  1. This is really beautiful Sylvia . Still some details in his plumage… and then the top ripples sink to a stillness and calm … lovely x

      • I do too!!! We think alike cos I was actually thinking that this would be somewhat doable for ms kids – like a cutout of the bird to trace or free draw – and then that color.
        Anyhow – I do not say this often to bloggers – but u really need to start thinking of a book with your photos – not sure what kind – like coffee table or whatnot – and it might not be on your list – but the originality and beauty of this Florida wildlife might make a good book

    • I remember one of the South African bloggers tried to get a coffee table book of his wildlife photos together, but it was going to cost far too much, and even then, the quality of the photos wouldn’t be very satisfactory. Think I’ll just carry on putting mine here and on Facebook. πŸ™‚

      • Well u have very realistic outlooks! And when I read that – about the cost – that is why I had to use up that discarded Audubon book for student projects – I knew the value of those vibrant and large photos – and funny how the book was old and it was just from 1999 – sometimes that feels like yesterday to me – ha!
        Anyhow – a different idea to chew on might be an e-book and then add in your names and character – stories – and reflections – or not…. But I think it will unfold naturally as u me grabbing photos and posting –
        Have a good day πŸ’—

  2. Fantastic photo, Sylvia. Very creative highlighting capture. I love the knobby knees, and the flexing neck with just that tiny fraction of light between the neck and body.

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