Travel Theme: Faces of the Ammazulu African Palace

Ailsa’s Travel Theme is ‘Faces’, so I thought I’d show you a few of the unusual faces I saw in September, when we were staying at the Ammazulu African Palace Hotel.


These two sculptures were high up above the breakfast room. The one on the left seemed to be looking right at me. Quite unnerving so early in the morning.


This guy pulling an old Durban rickshaw, doesn’t look too happy with his lot.


In the late 1800’s, the ‘Ricksha’ became Durban’s main mode of transportation both in the city centre and docks. By 1902, there were 2170 ‘Rickshas’ crowding the streets, pulled by a veritable army of registered ‘natives’.


This last face is very weird wooden sculpture which I think looks a lot like ET but not nearly as friendly or cute.


You can see more faces for Ailsa’s theme here.


68 comments on “Travel Theme: Faces of the Ammazulu African Palace

  1. ohh my yes i agree. that first one kind of takes your breath away… i especially love the 2 nd shots. id love to have them in my house. all terrific captures Sylvia, thank you for sharing:)!!

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