Orange and green courting couple

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge is about the colours of orange and green. I wasn’t sure what to post for this, whether a carrot or a pumpkin, but when I went over to inspect hubby’s progress on our ‘abandoned house renovation‘, I saw the ideal subject.

Out in the back yard two of our neighbours were doing a bit of courting. There was Iggy, resplendent in his bright orange suit.


When he spied pretty little Igua peeping out from the reeds, he decided to turn on the charm, by puffing up his dewlap and waving it around.


She came for a closer inspection, to see whether or not she fancied him.


Unfortunately for Iggy, she didn’t seem that impressed, and after only a few seconds of scrutinising his handsome face, she turned her back and moved on.


Poor Iggy looked really miffed and called after her, “Hey, what’s up babe? Aren’t I good enough for you?” Then he muttered under his breath, ” Sheesh …… all that effort for nothing! Some women just don’t know when they’re lucky.”


I wish you all a peaceful and relaxing weekend.



126 comments on “Orange and green courting couple

  1. Poor Iggy! These pictures are awesome, Sylvia. Last week I saw a bird trying to court another and he did the entire wing display and dance for about five minutes before she just turned her back on him and flew off – he would certainly know how Iggy feels 🙂

  2. What a pair …just how could she resist 😉 It’s lovely being able to pop into Florida world and join you albeit briefly for a splash of light and colour . Enjoy the weekend !

  3. I love your story – words and pics. Poor Iggy though…maybe it wasn’t “her day”…and maybe she will change her mind. I think he looks rather the He-man. Something like alan Rickman…deep voice and impressive looking?

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