WPC: Transition over Venice Lagoon

This week’s Photo Challenge brought back memories of watching the transition of a most amazing sunset whilst waiting on the dock of the San Clemente Palace HotelΒ for our water taxi which was to whisk us across the Venice Lagoon for an evening of sightseeing and delicious food.

I remember standing spellbound, just drinking in the beauty of the setting sun as its rays were reflected like molten gold in the calm waters of the lagoon,

until it looked as though the sky, the water and the motor launch on its way to fetch us, were all on fire.

As our boat drew away from the island and the sun sank below the horizon, the vision started to fade, just as a dream fades after waking.

Wishing you all a very happy week.














99 comments on “WPC: Transition over Venice Lagoon

  1. Your pictures make me so happy. I love Venice–did from the first moment I arrived for a visit. It has inspired two novels and a sequel. (Only one submitted so far. Fingers crossed.) Thanks for sharing them.

  2. Such beautiful photography. Hopefully I will soon be able to respond to those wonderful prompts again. It has been way too busy. And thank you for commenting on my poem. I think dementia hits home for many of us now.

    • Hi there. So nice of your to pay me a visit, Victoria. Yes, the last two years of mom’s life were heartbreaking. She died at the beginning of September, and I will always remember her as the vibrant, loving, and super-kind person that she was before the dementia took hold. It’s such a cruel disease.

      • That is how I hope I will remember my mother. She has been battling progressive dementia for more than 10 years. Through it all she has maintained her dignity, her gratitude, and her love of life.

  3. On my way to Mom’s I had to take my car to an exit and pull over to capture fire in the far off tree line facing west. The sunset was so bright and colorful.
    The best part of your photos is not just the color but the way it plays on the water, Sylvia. The Venetian setting was far more interesting than my own “someday post.” I was going to wait a bit on them. . . I really enjoyed sitting on the dock and watching your changing beautiful sunset! πŸ™‚

  4. What a cracker of a sunset. Simpyl exquisite. As you were pulling away on the boat, that water looked so smooth. What a treat for the eyes and hope the delicious food went down good with you πŸ™‚

  5. Second one does it for me. Lovely clear light, sharp focus and perfectly horizontal horizon. A perfect shot Sylvia. And a perfect interpretation of the challenge πŸ™‚

  6. I always think it is so amazing how the sky looks like it is on fire from a sunset. Beautiful pictures so peaceful looking. I find myself catching more sunrises on camera than sunsets and I really do not know why lol.

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