Bench Series #45: Heroes bench

I thought I didn’t have a bench photo for Jude this month, but yesterday being Remembrance Sunday, brought to mind my visit to Carr Bank Park in my home town of Mansfield, earlier this year. In June 2011, the families of seven local servicemen who had been killed in action since the second world war, placed plaques bearing their names, rank and regiment and when and where they died, on a new War Memorial built by the Mansfield’s Heroes Memorial Trust.


This touching and elegant memorial stands between two rose gardens. The stone was quarried in nearby Derbyshire, and the three big black granite teardrops which represent the armed forces, were imported from Portugal, whilst the black granite-look bench came from Spain.


If you have any bench photos with a message attached, or with an autumn theme, pop in on Jude’s Bench Series #45.


1 Year in Amsterdam.

So proud of my adventurous young South African niece Cheré, who has successfully carved out a new life for herself in the Netherlands this past year.

looking for signs



It’s so much more than that though. I changed my entire life this past year.   If you include moving out of my beloved apartment in Durban, I have moved home 3 times.  (That’s excluding all the temporary stays in between.) I have gotten rid of and gathered belongings. (Although I really am trying to keep accumulation of stuff to a bare minimum.) I was unemployed for 6 months and then squashed 2 intense jobs into the other 6 months. We got robbed twice. I managed to do all the major museums and art galleries, as well, as some not so major ones. Explored the beach, national parks, festivals, boat parties, music on rooftops, clubs, dates, I saw my favourite band TWICE and so much more. New friends, new housemates, new everything! This has truly been a year of living to the max. When I look back, what surprises me…

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The perfect day, not forgetting Home Depot.

So, yesterday being 50 years since hubby and I first laid eyes on one another, we decided to make it special by going out to lunch at Old Key Lime House which sits right on the Intracoastal.


What a great place to dine this is, with beautiful views across the water and a really casual Florida atmosphere.


I sipped my Sangria and hubby his Sam Adams, and we chatted about the time we first met and how our relationship developed over those first few weeks. We were absolutely besotted with one another, and happily still are.


The food and service was excellent. I chose the shrimp and crab stuffed Mahi Mahi. which was so delicious.


We did have a slice of  the scrumptious Key Lime Pie between us, but had eaten it all before I remembered that I’d forgotten to take a photo. Anyway, it tasted even better than it looked.

This was our first visit, but we enjoyed it so much that it’s going to be one of our favourite eating venues from now on. On the way out, I couldn’t resist having my photo taken with these two characters.


Of course, hubby had had to take a day off from the house renovations, but all was not lost, as he did manage to fit in a visit to Home Depot and we also went to Tile and Decor to choose my bathroom tiles and trim. On the way home we stopped off to look at granite for the bathroom vanities. All in all, it was a most successful day.

I wish you all a splendid weekend. With any luck we may get some rain this evening. The clouds look very promising. Don’t you agree?



The WPC this week is ‘Treat’.

Two years ago when Sienna came with her dad to visit us in South Africa, it was such a treat for the family to spend time with her,


especially my darling mom who hadn’t seen her since she was a toddler.


We took her to the beach


and out to restaurants where she could have her favourite food, and she even got to design her own pizza.


Making her own hot chocolate with marshmallows was also lots of fun.


A really delicious treat to enjoy


We went to the aquarium in Durban.


On the London bus in the shopping mall.


Then we all drove up to Johannesburg to see Auntie Mandy,


who took us see the lions at the nature reserve.


She even got to feed a giraffe.


It was a really fun time, chock-full of treats, and a holiday I’m sure she’ll never forget.

Today marks 50 years since hubby and met at a Guy Fawkes night dance. Little did I know when he asked me to dance, that we’d still be ‘Happy Together’ five decades later.

It’s been a real ‘Treat’, and we’re going out today to celebrate, so I may not be around here again until tomorrow.

PS: Can someone please explain to me why my title for this post ended up at the bottom instead of the top, and I can’t change it?

Treats for a special girl and our 50 happy years together

Travel Theme: ‘Frames’ of St Michael’s Mount

This ‘framed’ view, looking down at the subtropical terraced garden clinging to the cliffs, was taken from a window at the iconic castle of St. Michael’s Mount in Cornwall, part of which is still home to the St Aubyn family who owned the Mount from 1657 until it was given to the National Trust in 1954, with the family still retaining responsibility for its management.


This majestic castle built high on a granite crag, dates back to the 14th century.


Imagine who might have sat in this window seat maybe reading a book or gazing out to sea, when this castle was first inhabited more than six centuries ago.


How many people have peered through this narrow window to see boats bobbing about on the waves, or ships loaded with Cornish tin leaving the harbour?


From this window, a person could spend many a happy hour enjoying the breathtaking views of spectacular Mount’s Bay.


In fact there is no shortage of gorgeous windows here, and each frame is different.


Here’s a particularly lovely leaded window frame, flanked by two carved marble busts.


If you also have ‘frame’ type images to share, just visit Ailsa’s Travel Theme here 47fdb579d162c2aa61439b1378ecb39c

My Sunday Photo: Looking for breakfast

Mr. GBH can’t just go to the fridge and pull out the fruit and yoghurt, or bacon and eggs for breakfast. He has to carefully creep along the water’s edge looking for unsuspecting fishes. Fish for every meal means lots of lean protein and heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids. No wonder he stays so slim and healthy. Just look at those thighs…….not an ounce of fat on them!