B&W Sunday: My favourite landmark

Paula is back again with her “Black and White Sunday Challenge” and this week the theme is ‘Landmark’. What a great excuse to post a photo of my favourite landmark in Umhlanga Rocks. I do miss seeing it, since we moved away from our lovely seaside town.


This 21 metre tall circular concrete tower, painted white with a red top, was completed in 1954. An interesting fact is that the lighthouse has never had a keeper, as the nearby Oyster Box Hotel has always been the official warden, with the lighthouse controls housed in the hotel office and monitored by the staff.Β  It’s been the subject of numerous paintings and memorabilia, and stands guard to some of the most treacherous waters of Southern Africa. It not only warns ships of the dangerous rocks closer to shore, but the flashing light is also a welcome to the cargo ships sailing into the safety of the Durban harbour.


83 comments on “B&W Sunday: My favourite landmark

  1. I really like lighthouses, Sylvia. My good friend and her husband had me paint a lighthouse on their basement wall. They then framed it like you were looking out a window. They hind a fish net, life buoy and placed seashells and starfish around.this makes their basement really comfortable for me, someone who was raised along Lake Erie.

    • Thanks, Gilly. No the painting is still packed together with everything else which arrived from South Africa. When the house is eventually finished, it will seem like a Super- Christmas with all the unwrapping that will have to be done. 😯

  2. I grew up living near a lighthouse (this was in Australia and the place was creatively named “Lighthouse Beach”). We Aussies love to state the obvious. This photo makes me feel nostalgic for those days of sun, fun and relaxation πŸ˜€

  3. Oh this is lovely Sylvia ! It has a fifties feel about it somehow … I love how you’ve caught the people changing shoes or rolling up a trouser legs perhaps .. a lady looking out to sea .. and someone under the parasol in the shade … a split second frozen as the lighthouse stands watch .

  4. Lighthouses are one of my favourite symbols – seeking hope in the midst of darkness and danger. “At time our own light goes out and is rekindled by a spark from another person. Each of us has cause to think with deep gratitude of those who have lighted the flame within us.” Another wonderful post! Thanks for giving my day “light.”

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  6. Glorious! Another one that would look memorable in one of your paintings. Even this photo has a painterly feel to it. Thank you, Sylvia. This is a wonderful surprise. On the subject of photo challenges .. how would you feel if I asked you to think about being a guest photo challenger at my place? Some time next year, you’d pick the theme – if you have time. It would be a great joy for me and my readers to follow your lead.

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