Bench Series #50: In Celebration of 100 years

We’ve had a wonderful week with family and friends here in West Sussex, and tomorrow we fly back home to Florida. There was one bench which I definitely had to post in Jude’s final Bench Series this year. It’s the one which my darling Mom-in-law donated to her village, in celebration of her reaching her centenary.


It stands half way up the steep hill to the shops, and replaces one which she used to use a lot until it was vandalised by youths about three years ago. The brass plaque reads thus:


Now at over 102-years-old, she is the oldest resident in her village and as you can see in this Christmas Day photo with her son, is still going strong.


Dear Kathleen, I wish you all the best and continued good health for the coming year.


74 comments on “Bench Series #50: In Celebration of 100 years

  1. What an elegant and lovely lady your MIL is Sylvia. She looks as though she is only half her age. Best wishes to you, your lovely hubby and all your family. Looking forward to sharing your adventures through 2016.

  2. Your final 2015 bench has quite a legacy to last for your MIL and her family.
    While visiting my 87 year old mother, I truly hope she may make it to 102! Wow, your mother in law is a fantastic woman. She created a great husband for you and I can tell you respect and love her, Sylvia. How wonderful to know your husband has longevity in his blood.

  3. Your mother-in-law looks wonderfully vibrant for 102. Good for her! Glad to hear you had a good holiday with family, Sylvia. All the best to you in 2016.

  4. Your MIL has achieved some fantastic milestones Sylvia , she really is a
    wonder !
    Wishing you and your family a fabulous new year ! Am sure there are lots of plans projects and travel possibilities being thought about as well as Winter and SpringWatch outside your home . Whatever has Mr GBH been up to whilst you’ve been away …

  5. That was so nice of her to donate the bench Sylvia and she is such a gorgeous lady. I can only hope to be as gorgeous as her at that age. πŸ˜€ β™₯

    Wishing you and hubby a Wonderful and Happy New Year. ❀

  6. Knowing that your MIL is still going strong made me smile … and for the record, I was thinking about her as soon as you said you were going. πŸ™‚ Cheers to her … well, ok … to the whole family. πŸ˜‰

  7. Wow, mum-in-law is looking good. I think she was probably a quite a looker and fashionista in her time by the look of that front coif in her hair. Have a great new year Sylvia

  8. Glamorous ladies run in your family Sylvia – she looks gorgeous and how generous to replace the vandalised bench, I am glad she had a plaque put on it and I am sure that everyone who stops for a rest up the hill says thanks to her every time. I wish her and you and the rest of your lovely family a healthy, happy and peaceful 2016.

  9. What a wonderful picture ! She must have a very young mind to keep her going and looking so good. Lovely to hear you’ve had a great time. Welcome back home to Florida tomorrow!

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