Christmas Photo Miscellany

Christmas is long gone, but I did promise a few more photos from our visit to family in England. Here are a some of my favourites of fun moments captured mostly with my iPhone camera.

The day before Christmas, I spied Santa from my bedroom window, creeping back up MiL’s drive. I think he realised that he’d arrived too early and was trying to make his escape before anyone saw him.


Hubby always has to wear his Christmas jacket on the day. He bought it in New York a couple of years ago, and this is the only way he can get his money’s-worth out of it. Don’t you just love those reindeer in their grass hula skirts?


At The Fox Inn, we had our own room next to the bar, and the long table was set for sixteen.


Here’s my beautiful family who came all the way from South Africa to be with Great Grandma for her 102nd Christmas.


We all read out the jokes inside the crackers, and our granddaughter obviously found them hilarious.


We’d all chosen our meals online, and whilst most had gone for the traditional turkey main course, our daughter had decided on lobster. I was quite envious when I saw it.


After the meal and when everyone was very merry, our grandson found a guitar from somewhere, managed to tune it, and our lovely niece Portia sang an impromptu ballad in honour of our amazing hostess.


Portia is quite the comedian, and whilst her brother Merlin was trying to sleep off his huge meal, she pretended she was going to play a game of darts right over his head.


Lucca, my sister-in-law’s black poodle wasn’t left out of the festivities, and was very well behaved.


The party lasted for about four hours, then we went back to grandma’s house across the road to open our presents and play some word games.  My favourite waiter, who really looked like one of Santa’s elves, posed for a photo as we thanked him for the excellent service.


All too soon, the day arrived when we had to pack and leave for Heathrow  and our flight back to Florida. Before we leave England, I always like to say “Hi” to Mr Bear at the Harrod’s store, even if I don’t buy anything.


Nine hours later, we touched down at Miami airport and our English Christmas is now just a fond memory. It was fun going through my photos. I hope you also enjoyed them.

Happy Tuesday to you all. I have to leave the house now so that our realtor can show it to a prospective buyer. I’ve polished and cleaned until it gleams, and as per her instructions, hidden the toothbrushes, the dish mop and all the other stuff which doesn’t add anything to the decor. Wish us luck. See you later.



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