WPC Weight(less): Me the Highflier

When I saw the Photo Challenge this week, I thought of my  only truly weightless experience in 2012. I can hardly believe it was so long ago.

Hubby and I were walking along Patong beach in Phuket when I suddenly spied someone attached to a colourful parachute, hovering high above the ocean. I urged hubby to help me find the place where they’d taken off from, as I was curious to not only see how much it cost, but what it actually entailed and how risky it might be. As we arrived, a young woman was just coming in to land. She looked a bit disorientated as she was being divested of her harness, but assured me that it was perfectly safe and very exciting. My mind was made up at that moment, but my beloved wasn’t so sure, and suggested that we go for lunch and that I think about it for a while. This we did, and of course an hour or so later found us back on the beach with me getting ready for the ride of my life.

I was instructed to run as fast as I could towards the ocean until we had liftoff. As you can see, there was no fancy contraption that you sit on, just a harness which actually was rather uncomfortable, and a crazy bare-chested guy with no harness, clinging onto my back. Just look at him holding on with his legs around my waist as he maneuvers the strings to steer us in the right direction onward and upward.
 I did feel totally weightless, and it was so exhilarating to be soaring over the bay with a marvellous bird’s eye view for quite a distance.
I don’t think I was up there for very long, but it was an unforgettable experience, and hubby was very impressed that his wife, who is the most nervous passenger in the car, actually dared to go soaring through the clouds with a strange man, and over water too, which for a non-swimmer surely is something to be avoided at all costs.
The landing wasn’t too bumpy, and I’m sure I breathed a sigh of relief to have my feet back on ‘terra firma’, and hubby was also glad to have me back safe and sound.
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142 comments on “WPC Weight(less): Me the Highflier

  1. Lucky you, and your hubby! I’d love for the chance to fly exactly, and I’ mean exactly, like a bird.

    Question: did they get you to sign a waver saying that if anything happens to you, they’re not responsible? I’ve heard of that with parasailing on Caribbean islands.

    • Me too. I have to say that this didn’t feel as though I was as free as a bird, especially with that guy on my back. 😕 I think we did sign an indemnity form, but it didn’t seem like a big deal at the time. 😆

  2. Congratulations on your achievement, Sylvia! You are a brave chick 🙂 I need something more firm to sit on when up in the air. Something you can lean back on.

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