WPC Alphabet: Smokers’ Arch

In my South African seaside town of Umhlanga Rocks, an arch has been erected in the main street. It stands between the ‘Europa’ and the ‘George’, the two most popular ‘watering holes’ which are both open to the street. Complete with large ashtrays, it’s meant to stop the littering of the sidewalks with cigarette butts.


Last time I was there, the arch was deserted and the street was still awash with cigarette butts. I think some people really need to learn their Alphabet.

I’m using one of the new 2016 WPC badges, designed byΒ The Cardinal. There are a few lovely ones to choose from, but of course I chose the bird.

I participate in WordPress' Weekly Photo Challenge 2016

I participate in WordPress’ Weekly Photo Challenge 2016



86 comments on “WPC Alphabet: Smokers’ Arch

  1. Sylvia,
    Fantastic entry for the challenge, Sylvia. I’ve never been a smoker but have always disliked seeing cigarette butts everywhere. It looks like this was a good attempt at fixing that problem. Too bad very few participated in it. Great Photo …!!!
    I’ve left the url for the badge you had asked me about. i see you have a very nice one. But, just in case here is the url …

  2. Oh dear. Some people really need to go back to school. I think the arch is a great idea and there should be no doubt what it’s for. I love the badge you chose too πŸ™‚

  3. People are born with an addiction gene, which means craving something even if they know it’s bad for them and the people around them. A smoker’s arch accepts this is the case. They might as well “blazen” it out (sorry about the pun!)

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  5. Well this is such a unique arch! And too bad they could not have added some type of titration system in the middle of it! You know to suck up the air – anyhow – in concept this is a great idea- and I bet smokers like it! I do not advocate smoking – but smokers are people too and sometimes a little respect to our inhaling friends is just nice – but too bad the ash trays are not used as much as hoped – 🌬🌬🌬

  6. Really like the WPC badge – good choice! I understand that it is hard to get rid the addiction to cigarette (been there myself), but littering its butts is annoying behaviour, does not help the smokers’ image for sure 😦

  7. Too bad the label on the Arch is not being recognized, Sylvia. This does mean people around the world need to use their reading the Alphabet πŸ™‚ better. I find the smoking areas in the hospital parking lots are good, since smoke obviously is not good for sick people. I liked when my Mom had hip surgery, I noticed they put an open air awning which made it look like a bus stop. Although I never smoked, I figure it’s not my place to judge and I hate smokers freezing and huddling out in snow and sleet. 2 of 3 husband’s smoked. 😦

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