My Sunday Photo: Great Egret has a Bad Hair Day.

We had really wild and blustery wind here yesterday, which caused Mr. Great Egret, who is usually so sleekly élégant and sophistiqué, to have a very bad hair day. When I stepped outside to take this photo, my hair decided to do the same.


Happy Sunday to you all. It’s cold here in Florida, so I can only imagine what it must be like for all of you who live further up north. Stay safe and keep warm.


87 comments on “My Sunday Photo: Great Egret has a Bad Hair Day.

  1. It dawns on me that this is how my time disappears when I’m reading blogs. I got as far as LeDrakeNoir’s comment referring to the Joe Cocker song “You can leave your hat on” and that sent me down the rabbit hole, looking up old favorites on YouTube. Thanks for that! 😉 Actually, your Mr Egret looks great, even with the wild do.

  2. I feel his pain, but i can’t imagine you with a hair out of place my dear! Mild and mizzly here all weekend, I’ll be cross if the sun shines tomorrow when I’m at work!

    • Oh really!? You didn’t see me yesterday when I got blown from the car into the grocery store. 😯 I remember that wet weekends in England were often followed by glorious Mondays……well, maybe not glorious, but you know what I mean. 😀

  3. He’s quite the guy, imagine how long it will take for him to groom himself!! Hitting 54 right now, but the wind is keeping the wind chill factor quite cold – but nothing like our Northeast buddies!!

    • Yes, but I’m sure he can smooth his feathers and make himself look presentable much quicker than I can. 🙂 I’ve just taken one of my ‘winter’ jerseys out of the cupboard. It feels a mite chilly down here today. 😕

  4. I guess Mister Egret didn’t know the Joe Cocker song “You can leave your hat on” or thhought the song is too naughty and would be misunderstood… 😀 😀 😀

    Very well captured… 🙂

  5. Blustery… Is putting it mildly;). Us people up north always think ahh Fl. It’s going to be warm. And although I was ever so thankful for the sun most days…. I froze;)) can you imagine ?! I guess I needed to put it all in perspective winter is winter lol, but I had an awesome time Sylvia. Blustery or not .

  6. Coastal NJ had flooding from the Atlantic through Restaurants and homes-just a terrible storm as my cousin related to me earlier this morning! A tad chilly and windy in Florida but nothing like NYC, DC, VA, W.VA, MD, NJ, NC. We are fortunate.

  7. Now look, we’ve got friends in Florida for the winter who come on Noseybook to complain about the cold. . .err. . we can’t scrape up much sympathy, here where the snow is piled up in heaps and we’re busy feeding our fires to keep the place warm!! At least you don’t have to shovel! 🙂

  8. Happens to the best of us, though I’m told there comes a point when a bad hair day beats another losing-your-hair day! LOL

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