All done and dusted

So…… on Wednesday, the couple who came to view our home, just adored everything about it, and made us a cash offer at asking price on the spot. This of course is great, but the proviso that we move out by February 13th was less than ideal, especially as our son and his family were due to arrive on the evening of the 13th. Hmm……..we hesitated but only for a moment, as this offer was too good to miss, and one never looks a gift horse in the mouth…….right? Our nice Realtor lady bought us a bit more time until the 19th, but I think our son has decided to make other plans now, as he realises that life could be a trifle hectic here for the next few weeks. It looks as though we’ll be living in our new place much sooner than anticipated, kitchen or no kitchen. One of my friends said that having ‘no kitchen’ would suit her just fine, as she hates cooking. Another widowed friend has a dishcloth hanging on her oven door which proclaims.”My kitchen looks so new because it’s never been used.” Well, that’s not me, as I love to cook, but I think I’ll be able to cope for a couple of months without it. I guess we could have a barbecue with salad every day, or eat at the club, so we certainly won’t starve.

It’s been raining steadily for the past three days and the level of the lake has risen quite a lot. I saw what I thought was Mr, GBH walking on water, and then realised he was actually standing on the grass.


A very special visitor was Miss Rosy spoonbill. She arrived unannounced, went to chat to Woody at the far end of the lake, and then popped over to me for a quick photo.


Then she decided to fly across and consult with Great Egret about getting ‘digs’ for the night, but he was too intent on catching himself some supper.


Mr. A just totally ignored her as he wallowed in the shallows where he’d been for most of the day.


I haven’t seen her again, so maybe she’s gone somewhere where the neighbours are more friendly.

The bright-eyed Small Blue Heron was also a first sighting. He’s so dapper in his shiny suit, a real snappy chappy who looks like he wouldn’t miss a trick.


Talking about ‘not missing a trick’, the eagle-eyed Home Inspector is coming to have a thorough look at our house on Monday, so the trick is to anticipate any defects he might find, and fix them before he arrives. That will be hubby’s job this weekend.

Wishing you all a relaxing weekend. Unfortunately I’m feeling really achy and have a bad cough. I think I may have a bout of flu, which is something I really don’t need right now, so I’m going back to bed and will catch up with you all when I’m feeling a bit better.

I’m linking this post to Charlotte’s ‘Feathers on Friday’ weekly challenge.


144 comments on “All done and dusted

  1. Miss Rosey looks like she’s wearing her Sunday best. She has glorious color.
    Congrats on the sale. It may be a rush to get out but it would be so much more stressful to not get a sale. You can now go on a raw diet. Where you eat without cooking anything. I don’t think calories are a problem for you but without a kitchen vegies and fruits can be quite yummy.
    Continued good wishes for you and your hubyy to be where you want ot be in a matter of weeks. After that, you can conquer anything.
    Blessings to you both …
    Issy 😍

  2. I am a big fan of all birds but the colorful Miss Rosy Spoonbill is gorgeous! I like the different herons and do agree the deep blue on the feathers makes an elegant small blue heron. So dressed up and you captured the details of all very well.
    Now that I read of the sale, such a great cash offer, I was going to say, we once lived in a motel for a month, things in storage between homes. It was rather fun! 🙂

    • Yes, Rosy is such a Supermodel. 🙂 I think we will have to rent a storage unit for many of our boxes and the furniture from South Africa which is still wrapped. We will then have three finished bedrooms to live in. 🙂

  3. It never ceases to amaze who you see outside your window! That Spoonbill is a beautiful bird! Best of luck with the move- friends of mine who have been without kitchens managed with hot plates and microwaves! 🙂

  4. Wow, gorgeous lady! 🙂 🙂 You too, Ad, though I’m sorry to hear about the cold. Just not used to rain any more 😦 Worst case scenario, you could spend a few days in hotel and get someone in to help finish the work, but I expect your husband wants to see it through himself. BBQs will do 🙂 Take care, lovely lady!

  5. I hope you’re feeling better soon, Sylvia. One thing about moving into the new house before it’s ready – things get done as a matter of urgency. I didn’t have a finished kitchen when we first moved to the RUC 😉 I’m so glad you’ve got the offer on the house, Well done xxx

  6. Wow. Love Miss Rosy…..I sure hope you have such interesting visitors in your new home! What great excitement there must be right now….so much to do! Wishing you much luck and good health in the next few weeks! It’ll be great once you’re through it and you’ll have a wonderful new home for your son and his brood to visit next time!

  7. I hope you will be feeling better as soon as possible. I am a bit sad because I might not see the posts about Mr A anymore. In a short time, I became pretty fond of him. I am sure you will have other visitors in your new home. Congrats for your sale and all the best for your new house.

  8. Congratulations on selling the house, Sylvia!!! That’s great! I also moved houses recently so I know what hassle you’ll have to deal with. In the end, it will be all worth it. Get well soon! Oh and amazing pictures, as always!!

  9. I just love Miss Rosey Spoonbill…..she is glorious…..and congrats on the house sale, despite the disruption which looms. I just know that you’ll make the best of it though, and I hope your flu passes quickly…I’ve been laid up myself for the last 3 days😞😷😰

  10. Congratulations on selling the house, Sylvia. We can imagine the fuss you are going ahead now…and with the cold you have caught… I think missing your feathered furriends must be one of the worst things to leave behind, it was for us! Hope you feel better soon. Please take good care of yourself! Extra Healing Pawkisses for now 🙂 ❤ ❤ ❤

  11. LOVE your small Blue Heron capture! Wonderful on your home offer, you’re right, take it! And I always favor BBQing, cuz then hubby will cook the meat. 🙂 Hey, did we bump into each other last couple days? I am coughing & achy-breakey too. 😉 We’re supposed to leave Sunday afternoon for vacation, and my head is spinning on packing. I took a break to catch up on blogs, lol. But I’ll perk up, leaving all this snow and heading your way to warm Florida! YEA!

  12. Congrats on the house. That sounds like good fortune right there. It really did look like Mr GBH was walking on water 😀 Will you still visit him and friends when you move out?

  13. Great pictures of those feather friends from your back yard. There are new faces too. Mr. A is there as usual but that is a good thing 🙂

    Good luck with your house next week and hope you do not get the full scale of flu!

  14. Oh my, oh my!!! You are going to be one busy lady! Sending healing thoughts your way to ward off any ailments. Getting sick is not allowed at a time like this.

  15. Sorry to hear that you are not feeling well, hope it is short-lived. And I can hardly believe the speed of your sale! Your solicitors must work much quicker than ours! Love the rosy spoonbill and the small blue heron, such beautiful birds in your neighbourhood. xx

  16. If the lawn is under water won’t Mr A be more inclined to explore? I’m glad you’re moving and very pleased that its working out so quickly. I will miss your bird guests though, but perhaps there will be some in your new garden. Hope you soon feel better Sylvia 🙂

  17. That was a fast sale. Here in the UK (outwith London) houses can take a very long time to sell – often years. So sellers are left with their lives on hold. At least you will be able to charge ahead and live in a lovely home.

    • Yes it was. It had been on the market for less than 30 days. We did get a couple of earlier offers, but one was for less than we wanted, and the other one fell through because the family members fell out with one another. 🙂

  18. Yay! Glad you got an offer you couldn’t refuse and that you have until the 19th to tie up some loose ends.

    Loved the shots of your neighbors. Take care of yourself and feel better soon.

  19. Oh dear Sylvia, get well soon, it really hits badly, I was like you a few days ago. Thank you for your nice wishes, same wishes for you too, I hope you feel better soon. These birds are so beautiful and yes, Mr. A, as if he is hiding… 🙂 Love, nia

  20. That was good luck. I hope they have an adequate supply of neighbors that can eat you in the new place too. Life might get dull without a bit of danger outside your door.

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