106 comments on “My Sunday Photo: Mr. GBH catches a ‘Whopper’.

  1. Awesome awesome awesome Capture Sylvia. I caught one of these when I was down there, but… To blurry;( I’ll just have to come back;)))
    This is great, love the reflection too;)!!!!!

  2. Sylvia, playing catch up on blogging. Busy and fun times, warm weather and park play on Sat afternoon. I even went out at a local nightclub with my Cleveland single, artist brother. The band called Vintage performed some tributes, “Rebel Yell” for David Bowie and “Hotel California” for Glenn Frey. No Jefferson Airplane for their original band mate. . .
    I cannot believe a scaly big fish doesn’t scrape Mr. GBH ‘s throat!
    I am heading backwards to read missed posts.
    Sorry to read you have been under the weather. Sylvia. 😦

    • Thanks, Robin. It sounds like you’ve been having fun. I’m sure that tribute band were great to listen to. I’m sure Mr. GBH’s throat is designed perfectly for swallowing big scaly fish whole. Horrors! πŸ™‚ I’m feeling like I’m on the mend today.

  3. Mrs. Grey Heron has begun visiting again, but we have got wise and recently surrounded the entire pond/pool with pots and rocks thus preventing direct access to the edge.
    If she wants a freebie fish supper from our pond she’ll have to get it on the wing or find a way of wading in 3 feet of water ( the shallow end)

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