My Wild Thursday Friends

Today as I stood outside looking in vain for Iggy who seems to have gone all camera-shy, Daisy and Danny duck came floating on by.


Dainty Ms. Limpkin was again searching for tasty morsels in our backyard.


This delightful little fella, part ofΒ  a merry band of six Green Anole lizards in the front garden, stopped cavorting just for a split second so I could get a photo. I think I’ll call him ‘Peater’ because he looks a bit like a pea-pod with legs.


High up in our outside lanai, I spotted a Zebra Longwing butterfly. I thought a good title for this photo would be ‘Beauty and the Beam’.


I still have no definite news about the fate of Mr. A, as of course to my previous neighbours one alligator looks very like another, so there seems to be some confusion as to which three were captured. I’m still hoping for the best for him. Meanwhile my new friend Ali-Baba seems to like sunbathing at the water’s edge just opposite to our new house, so I’m not exactly ‘gator-less.


Think I’ll now go and sweep up some sawdust before lunch. Story of my life at the moment; hubby makes a mess and I go clean it up. The house is coming on though, and he’s doing a really great job. πŸ™‚ Hope your Thursday is also going well.









81 comments on “My Wild Thursday Friends

  1. It’s great to see you back to photographing your new friends Sylvia…and what beautiful and fascinating company they keep, helping take your mind off all that sawdust…sounds like everything is coming along wonderfully πŸ™‚ xx

  2. It’s Friday and I hope you can see through all the flurry of construction dust!! Very happy to hear of his progress. Lovely new friend Sylvia!

  3. Yes, Peater is a handsome chap, and a great shot of him too. The Zebra Longwing butterfly is stunning too. There is a lot of colour and movement in your new place.

  4. You have a wild and wonderful collection of new friends, Sylvia! I like the names you’re giving them so we can get acquainted, including the Beauty on the Beam. She is a real BB 😎

  5. Beauty and the Beam ~ haha!! Wonderful new neighbors you have there, Sylvia. I think Peater is quite the handsome fellow!

  6. del tuo piccolo zoo privato mi piace tantissimo la lucertola-ramarro di cui non conosco il nome specifico, Γ¨ cosΓ¬ bella e fiera! sembra voler combattere l’intero mondo
    felice che i lavori della tua casa procedano bene, forza amica al lavoro!

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