Six Word Saturday: Life and death on the pond

I was out scouting for a bit of wildlife this morning. The reflections in the water were so pretty, sort of like a Monet painting.


The only neighbours I could see, were Danny and Daisy duck, who seem to spend all day floating around together. They always look so peaceful and contented.


Looking over to my left, I suddenly saw something strange floating in the water.


Oh dear, there looks to have been a murder committed. It could be the Tricolored Heron, or even the Great Blue.  I wonder which of the other residents is responsible for the crime. One less beautiful bird to photograph. 😦


Hope you’re having a great Saturday.



97 comments on “Six Word Saturday: Life and death on the pond

  1. Great shots, representing a timely theme. Maybe the bird died of natural causes? Good of you to capture both sides of the coin and of nature for a realistic aspect.

  2. I had a better Saturday than that poor deceased creature did. Such is the circle of life. I love your “Monet” Sylvia. Beautiful!

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  4. I like your impressionistic reflections – very soothing. It was strange to see the feathers still in the same configuration. Wonder what kind of water animal got to it and ate it leaving the feathers neatly intact. Couldn’t have been an alligator…

  5. The impressionism of the water with pastels was definitely a wonderful photograph to capture and share, Sylvia. It does look like Monet! πŸ™‚ I was wishing to be funny, saying we need to send out for the CSI: Animals Team, but then did wonder if this is “tacky?” Oh well, it is now said, since they can have a CSI: Cyber, why can’t they have an animal team to figure out the suspect? (Smiles and hugs, Robin)

    • Thanks, Robin. One of my South African blog buddies suggested calling in CSI Miami. Actually now you mention ‘CSI animal team’, I’m thinking this could make for a very interesting wildlife series. πŸ™‚ xx

  6. Love the Monet impressions and my Saturday was much better than the poor floating creature. Thanks Sylvia. Your water birds series is wonderful.

  7. The pond is beautiful! But it’s always sad to find a dead bird. Here at the salt marsh a GBH drowned three years ago when it got stuck in a fishing line someone had left in the water. I always get upset when I find some guys fishing there although that’s not allowed at the marsh – for a good reason. Have a wonderful Sunday, Sylvia XX

  8. Very, very sad to see the blue bird face down in the water. Oh dear 😦 He could have lost a fight, or maybe choked on something it was eating.. However, as Hariod said, there is something peaceful about the way it is floating like that. I am sure it was loved by its neighbours ❀

  9. It’s tough when we face the reality of all of nature. Everything dies…. And life goes on.
    Life is all about the two and being okay with it.
    We are so programmed to believe that life is about loving and enjoying … But that is just a part of living.

  10. Oh my, in the first photo of victim, I thought it was a dead lion-fish, and then I was really perplexed. Sad, indeed. The Monet waters, however, are absolutely majestic. A place of true beauty, despite the death floating by… All the best and happy weekend,

    smiling toad

  11. Beautiful water reflection and you are right, that’s a reminding of Monet.
    For the crime, I have a strong suspicious feeling that might be one of Mr. AB friends.

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