Thursday’s Special: Mom and Eve

Time Warner Center is one of New York City’s many iconic destinations. When I saw that Paula’s Thursday Special this week is ‘Tall’, I was reminded of the extremely tall
 Fernando Botero bronze statue of ‘Eve’ which greets visitors as they enter the Great Hall. My dear mom who was visiting New York for the first and only time in her life at age 83 years, was quite taken with it.
Oh mom, what a lot of fun we had on that visit! I also remember that you didn’t want to have your photo taken with ‘Adam’ who was on the other side, because he didn’t have any pants on.  🙂

74 comments on “Thursday’s Special: Mom and Eve

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  2. Il grande Fernando fa solo cose GRANDI, lo sai che ha il suo atelier a pochi km da dove abito io a Massa carrara? e vedessi i capolavori che ha donato alla città, in giro per le strade e le piazze!
    buona domenica Sylvia

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