Wildlife in the Garden: The Last Pelican

In winter, the trees along our lake are home to dozens of pelicans. These ‘snowbirds’ who travel south from as far away as Idaho, Minnesota and Canada, have over the past couple of weeks gradually disappeared, all except for one. Do you think he missed his flight and is now on ‘standby’?


If you have wildlife in the garden photos to share, just visit Jude’s March Challenge.

63 comments on “Wildlife in the Garden: The Last Pelican

  1. Wow, really? I never thought of Pelicans being anywhere it gets cold… I guess I think that because we don’t have any here in WNY.
    Very interesting info Sylvia. And a great shot too;)

  2. Perhaps he was thinking of coming to Australia, the airport staff are talking about a strike (always happens at Easter)…I think he should stay put….looks comfy there!

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