Hey there, you with your nose in the air!

Mr. GBH isn’t around much these days, but yesterday I spotted him across the water, looking very snooty indeed


Lenny and Linda Limpkin paid him no mind, as they foraged around in the shallows for apple snails, their favourite hors d’oevre.


Back on land, a smaller version of Ignatia was exploring our defunct water feature, which will one day be restored to its former glory when hubby has finished with the inside of the house.


It’s little sightings like this which rather puts me off doing any gardening. I don’t fancy reaching down to pull up weeds, and accidentally shaking hands with something green and scaly.


What would be your thoughts on this? Would you be keen for a close encounter of the iguana kind?

I’m linking this post to Jude’s ‘Wildlife in the Garden’ challenge. If you have wildlife in your life, just pop along there and post your link.


108 comments on “Hey there, you with your nose in the air!

  1. I long for a close encounter with an iguana (under supervision preferably). Shall be in St Augustine in June for three weeks and it’s top of my list πŸ™‚

  2. To each his own. You have a problem with “green and scaly” things in your garden while it’s the threat of large, eight-egged critters that keeps me away.

  3. Sweet GBH. I wouldn’t like to find surprises (like that) in the garden. Fortunately, we don’t have to worry about those here. I imagine my grandkids would love it.

  4. Great photos, Sylvia! I agree with you ~ I wouldn’t want to have a close encounter with an iguana either. Although they are kind of cute in a weird way πŸ™‚

  5. I think if I did that I would find my body going into spasm as I danced on the spot. Then once I’d calmed down, I’d try to have a jolly good look and apologise for frightening the life out of him/her

  6. That one is a beauty! I don’t think I would like my hand in the garden with him either. We used to have a bearded dragon who was sweet and loving but you never know with the wild ones, how they react with you. I need to show this picture to my son who absolutely loves scalies.

  7. Beautiful reflection of Mr. GBH with his nose up in the air, Sylvia. πŸ™‚ The Limpkin couple seem so content at their meal buffet. The Mr. Ignatius is intimidating but don’t hey mainly eat vegetarian or grass? I would see if having a clicker or a bell would scare the Iguana. It still is a beautiful place to live. ❀

  8. Love how the iguana appears to be hugging your water feature as if to tell you, “This is mine!” On gardening, I’ve never grabbed an iguana, but I did grab a clump of weeds once and pulled out a small snake! I don’t know how far I flung him, but I do know I let out a deafening scream! 😲

  9. My thought on this? I am 100% with you that I would be so scare to reach down into tall bush or grass to pull them out. I am afraid to accidentally shaking hand with any version of Ignatia.

  10. LEATHER THICK gloves all the way for me!! Ewwwww!!! No thank you! Even with leather gloves ….. I’m not sure if I would garden. You’ve got quite some characters around you, Sylvia!!! LOVE your shots! πŸ™‚

  11. Cool shot of the lizard. I still can’t get over how you have so many large lizards there while we have none that I’ve seen in 7 years.

    BTW: Yesterday, we had 2 white pelicans fishing in the lagoon. So they haven’t all headed north . . . yet.

    • How lovely for you with the white pelicans, Nancy! I read that these iguanas aren’t native to Florida, but are the result of people releasing their pet Iggys into the wild once they became too big to be cute. πŸ˜•

  12. Mr Iguana is a handsome guy … from a distance … and if you’re into greenie scales, but like you, I would not be so thrilled about an unexpected close encounter.

  13. I like him very much and would be fairly happy to get up close, and I’ve also been snake draped, they’re fine if you know what they are. I can never see the fun of keeping reptiles as pets though – or spiders and rats!

  14. all i can say is..wow:) i miss being down there even just to see the birds Sylvia. and for the
    Mr. Iggy there..well, i remember when we took a cruise and stopped in Mexico, there was a boy, and for a few bucks we could hold His Iguana , of course we all did, and i have pics somewhere, it was so long ago.
    i also remember it had some type of diaper on???
    i think id at least get close to your friend..im not sure”_

  15. We have enormous lizards in Australia. They are usually harmless as long as you leave them alone. There is a national park near the beach at Noosa in Queensland where lace monitors wander among the visitors. I think they are great.

  16. Great shot of Mr snooty GBH Sylvia. Lovely reflection of him in the water. πŸ˜€

    Lenny and Linda is adorable as ever and clearly they don’t care about snooty neighbours. LOL!

    Oh, I would just sit there all day long and just take photos of them, and of course make friends with them Sylvia. You know me! πŸ˜† Absolutely gorgeous and I just love those cute feet with the long fingers! πŸ˜€

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