The Art of Camouflage: Nature Photo Challenge Day One

My blog friend Gilly has invited me to join in the ‘7 -Day Nature Photo Challenge’.

This rusty cast-iron plant holder which travelled over in our container all the way fromΒ  South Africa, is waiting patiently outside the door until we decide where to place it and what to put in it.


Almost undetectable and blending right in to the rust, is Lizzie, hoping to catch a few insects.


The only rule for this challenge is to post a nature photo for 7 days and nominate a new person each day to take up the challenge. I always hesitate to tag people for challenges, but I’m inviting Anna of ‘Una Vista San Fermo’, who often posts nature photos. (Only if you have the time, Anna.) πŸ™‚

Wishing you all a pleasant Monday and a great week.


59 comments on “The Art of Camouflage: Nature Photo Challenge Day One

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  2. It’s amazing the way the Plant Holder hid underneath the lizard. You hardly noticed it at first glance
    Very clever, South African plant holders. Must be all those years trying to blend in on the Serengeti and Ngorgora and such like, yes?
    I have a bench on my stoep with black and white wavy stripes. I swear it wants to go live with Zebras on the Krugersdorp game reserve.

      • I was gong to but it was painted green with arum lilies at that point and it was hiding in the garden somewhere and I couldn’t find it! I swear the darn thing has a mind of its own sometimes.

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