Wildlife in the Garden: From my bathroom window

Mr. Ali-Baba visible from my bathroom window, is quite a good subject for Jude’s ‘Wildlife in the Garden’ challenge. My neighbour Larry was rather startled when I told him that he often has an alligator sunbathing on his patch, as he and his wife also like to sun themselves in their backyard, but a bit closer to the house.


Last night in the club bar, I was pleased to hear from one of my old neighbours that Mr. A has so far managed to evade the clutches of the trappers. I was so proud when he told me that the wily Mr. A was clever enough to grab the bait and dash away with it. So it seems that my scaly friend is quite invincible and can beat those trappers at their own game. Three cheers for Mr. A!!


Happy Thursday to you all. 🙂




Monday Evening Vigil

As the twilight closed in,  a familiar head was visible above the weeds at the water’s edge.


Mr. GBH had returned to keep vigil over his departed friend. He looked so sad and solemn.


I rest my case about birds mourning their dead.


Wildlife in my garden: Scaly and Exotic

This month. Jude wants to see the wildlife in gardens. I seem to have plenty to choose from in my backyard. Yesterday this scaly guy appeared in the grass.


Maybe he’s the same Iggy who was sporting a bright orange waistcoat a couple of months ago. If it is, he’s toned down his ‘glad rags’ somewhat.


Hubby was busy up on the scaffold just inside the lanai, and when he started banging nails into wooden beams, Iggy suddenly started jerking his head up and down in time to the hammer blows. I think he quite liked the rhythm.


He looked right at me but didn’t seem to mind my taking his photo, especially when I told him he was going to be famous on Jude’s March Wildlife Challenge.


Hope your Tuesday is going really well. I’m about to go and do my duty with the Shop Vac. Every bit of dry wall dust and pile of sawdust I can suck up, is a bit less to walk into the area where we’re living at the moment.


What goes on in a ‘Bird Brain’?

On Saturday afternoon, I spotted a Great Blue Heron sitting on a branch, looking down at the dead one floating in the water.


He stayed very still for quite some time taking in the scene below him, before eventually flying away.


Last year at the Green Cay Nature Reserve, a Great Blue was standing motionless as if guarding  the remains of another, absolutely undettered by the hoard of people taking photos of the pitiful scene.


It made me wonder if birds do mourn their dead, just as we do. How little we know about the ‘inner lives’ of animals. I was just reading a fascinating review of a book by award winning environmental writer, Carl Safina ‘Beyond Words…..what animals think and feel’. It really sounds like an interesting read. I also found an engrossing article on Wiki about Bird Intelligence, which sheds some light on the subject.

Hope you all had a great weekend. Our dinner with friends last night was sublime; delicious food and great conversation. Happy Monday to you.


Six Word Saturday: Life and death on the pond

I was out scouting for a bit of wildlife this morning. The reflections in the water were so pretty, sort of like a Monet painting.


The only neighbours I could see, were Danny and Daisy duck, who seem to spend all day floating around together. They always look so peaceful and contented.


Looking over to my left, I suddenly saw something strange floating in the water.


Oh dear, there looks to have been a murder committed. It could be the Tricolored Heron, or even the Great Blue.  I wonder which of the other residents is responsible for the crime. One less beautiful bird to photograph. 😦


Hope you’re having a great Saturday.



Feathers on Friday: The Fly Past

Well, the week has really flown by, just like this Pelican on his way home to roost in the trees at the side of our lake.


I’ve survived my second week in our half-finished house, and am getting quite used to not having a kitchen. Wishing you all a wonderful weekend.  Have lots of fun times.

If you have any photos of feathered friends, join in Charlotte’s ‘Feathers on Friday’ challenge.

My Wild Thursday Friends

Today as I stood outside looking in vain for Iggy who seems to have gone all camera-shy, Daisy and Danny duck came floating on by.


Dainty Ms. Limpkin was again searching for tasty morsels in our backyard.


This delightful little fella, part of  a merry band of six Green Anole lizards in the front garden, stopped cavorting just for a split second so I could get a photo. I think I’ll call him ‘Peater’ because he looks a bit like a pea-pod with legs.


High up in our outside lanai, I spotted a Zebra Longwing butterfly. I thought a good title for this photo would be ‘Beauty and the Beam’.


I still have no definite news about the fate of Mr. A, as of course to my previous neighbours one alligator looks very like another, so there seems to be some confusion as to which three were captured. I’m still hoping for the best for him. Meanwhile my new friend Ali-Baba seems to like sunbathing at the water’s edge just opposite to our new house, so I’m not exactly ‘gator-less.


Think I’ll now go and sweep up some sawdust before lunch. Story of my life at the moment; hubby makes a mess and I go clean it up. The house is coming on though, and he’s doing a really great job. 🙂 Hope your Thursday is also going well.