Thursday’s Special: Forbidding Guppy Face

For this week’s Thursday’s Special, Paula is looking for images which are ‘Forbidding’. I always find fish’s faces rather creepy. Hubby goes scuba diving and really enjoys close encounters with these creatures, but  I think I’ll rather hug dry land.  If I came face to face with something like this, I think I would forget to breathe and would probably end up in ‘Davy Jones’ Locker’. I took this photo at a local aquarium, and edited it to B&W for a more forbidding effect.


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I’m also making this my Day 5 entry for the 7-day nature Challenge which my blog friend Gilly nominated me to take part in.  If you would like to join in the fun, then consider yourself nominated by me. The rules are simple; you just post a nature photo for seven days and link your post to my blog. You can nominate someone each day to also take up the challenge.

Wishing you all a splendid weekend.

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