Garden Photography Challenge: A Dainty Neighbour

Jude’s April Garden Photography Challenge calls for Macro photography or close-ups of anything you’d find in a garden. I’m usually rubbish at macros, but after many attempts, I did manage to snap this pretty Dragonfly. It’s called a ‘Halloween Pennant’, and I’m sure you can see why.


This is also my 6th day of the 7-day Nature Challenge which my blog friend Gilly nominated me to take part in.  If you would like to join in the fun, then consider yourself nominated by me. The rules are simple; you just post a nature photo for seven days and link your post to my blog. You can nominate someone each day to also take up the challenge.

Happy weekend to you all.

105 comments on “Garden Photography Challenge: A Dainty Neighbour

  1. Heavens Sylvia, this is a beauty! I have never seen one with colourful wings – at first I thought it was a butterfly. More please! An alligator tooth maybe???

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  3. Very well done Sylvia. They dart around so quickly I have only ever managed to get a blurry image and nothing worth keeping or showing like this beauty.

  4. That is an amazing Macro shot. I am rubbish at macro and have the shots to prove it. With a shot like this one, I don’t think you can say you are rubbish any longer. It is excellent.

  5. sembra un missile sulla rampa di lancio! amo moltissimo i macro e questo è semplicemente straordinatio! spero avrai passato una Pasqua serena con i tuoi cari,
    a big hug darling

  6. What a great capture, Sylvia! I was trying to photograph damselflies this morning with absolutely no luck on the new stupid iPhone I have. I’ll be posting a shot soon, but it’s certainly nowhere near as good as this one 😀

    • Me neither, Nancy, and if it weren’t for Jude’s macro/close-up challenge, I wouldn’t have ever thought of trying to photograph one. I must look up what Candy Cane ones look like and watch out for them. 🙂

    • Yes, it’s such a pleasure to see all these different creatures. It was the first time I’d noticed the dragonflies, and since I took the photo, many more have arrived. Maybe they heard that there was a photo shoot and wanted to be in on the act. 🙂

  7. Sylvia, this is a wonderful shot and difficult to get! I’m doing the Seven Day Challenge as well (sounds a bit like a weight-loss scam) and am in day 2. So many challenges, so little time. The time factor is fine for posting in a challenge, but trying to get to all the other entries takes time I really need to spend elsewhere. Sigh. Just looked out the window and there are big, fat snowflakes swirling around!! A few degrees warmer in the clouds and they’d be rain (and will be a bit later), but for now, snow.


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