Thursday’s Special: Three of a kind in San Jose


“Now you must be off. For you shall go to the ball.” ~ Fairy Godmother to Cinderella

This week, Paula invites us to share a photo showing ‘Three of a kind’.

In 2013  we started our tour of Costa Rica in the capital San José. It was already evening, so after booking into our hotel, we went for a walk around the immediate area. There wasn’t really much to see except a few car rental dealers and a couple of fast food outlets, but just happening to glance up at a lighted window above McDonalds and Taco Bell, I spotted something which was in sharp contrast to the dark and dingy street below.


Well maybe like me you’re not going to any ball this weekend, but do have a great one anyway.


75 comments on “Thursday’s Special: Three of a kind in San Jose

  1. No need to answer all my catch up comments, Sylvia but I do feel bad that I let my visits fall away last week. I won’t carry on too much but did have a 48 hour work week and about 6 hours of watching grandies. Smiles and hugs, Robin

  2. Sylvia, I wouldn’t mind trying the red one …. but I think the “ball-days” are over for me. Passed the sell-by-date for that kind of event. *smile
    Well spotted.

  3. Ah the heady days of a glass of champagne in hand the band striking up and being swept onto the dance floor by a handsome man in uniform …*sigh .. My ball days may be over but I still have the man 🙂 Thanks for memory jogger Sylvia ! .

  4. Nobody asks for the blue one?….. Can I book that dress for me?
    I’m having a ball tomorrow night………………….

    (I was just dreaming, after seeing your dreamy photo……)

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