Another ‘Mundane Monday’ visitor in my backyard

The old rock water feature in our backyard will one day be restored and incorporated into the lanai, but until then it serves as a favourite hangout for many fascinating critters.

Anatole the Brown Anole lizard loves baking in the sun. I crept outside to do a photo shoot with him, and at first he didn’t seem notice me.


After the first few photos, I think the beep of my camera alerted him to the presence of a ‘rival’ for his territory. He started furiously bobbing his head up and down and also did a few push-ups, as if to say,”Hey you!Β  This is my spot, and I’m busy working on my tan. Just back off now.”


When that little display of bad temper didn’t work, he flashed his psychedelic-orange dewlap at me. “How’s this for intimidating? I hope you’re suitably impressed. Now just get lost!” Okay, I’d got my photos, so I left him in peace to continue his siesta in the Florida sunshine.


If you have any ‘Mundane Monday’ photos, pop over to Jithin at ‘Photrablogger’ and join in the fun.Β  I’m also linking to Jude’s Garden Photography Challenge which is looking for close-ups and macros this month.

Today I’m taking some time off from sawdust sweeping to go gallivanting with a couple of girlfriends. We’ll have lunch and do a bit of shopping. Hope you’re all in for a great week.


106 comments on “Another ‘Mundane Monday’ visitor in my backyard

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  3. Oh, you really got him riled up! LOL It’s a good thing you went shopping! Hope you had a wonderful time with your friends and found lots of great prices.

  4. Oh I just LOVE it when they show their colors! Ours are bright green and their colorful neck is bright pink. How sweet that he so connected with you Sylvia. Maybe he was really flirting!!

  5. Oh, Sylvia you are such a tease! That poor little lizard never stood a chance against you and your camera. Well done for provoking such a display. I hope you learned your lesson and scurried away πŸ˜€

  6. Nice picture and nice story around this. I like it but are you sure that he did that to scare you? He might see a nice lady trying to take picture of him and wanted to show off that he also likes you πŸ™‚

  7. I really like that you get to know your critters who are your outdoor neighbors, Sylvia. I adored the new word for the day: “dewlap.” I think that is a really cool word but you were so patient to capture such a handsome “devil!”

  8. Your area is an endless source of splendid models for your photo-catwalk , I see!
    Didn’t know that orange under-chin was called dewlap!
    Thanks for this beautiful share, Sylvia

  9. che rabbia Sylvia, le lucertole che abitano il mio giardino roccioso sono Γ¨ vero, molto piΓΉ lucenti e verdi, ma non hanno quel magnifico sottogola arancione!
    spero che la tua passeggiata con le amiche sia stata molto piacevole, e così ti auguro per il resto della settimana xx

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