Anatole has a green rival for our attention

I think that Iggy must have seen my Monday post with Anatole showing off his beautiful orange dewlap. There were many complimentary comments, and people obviously found the dewlap display most impressive. Yesterday, not to be outdone, Iggy our resident lime-green rock star was waiting for me on the same rockery. “C’mon out with that camera and I’ll show you my party trick too.”


“Can’t have that small fry Anatole getting all the limelight. Now just make sure you get a really good shot. One to get ready, two to be steady, three to prepare and Ta-Da! ”


“How do you like that? Pretty impressive hey? It might not be clockwork-orange, but it sure tones much better than Anatole’s does; far more classy in my humble opinion.Β  Now I’m sure they’d also love a view of my spiny ridge. Don’t I just look like a mini dinosaur?”


“I’ve been told that my left profile is my best side. What do you think? Am I handsome or what?”


He really pulled out all the stops to impress you all, but all of a sudden our young Iggy got tired of the attention and scuttled down into the shade. “It’s just so exhausting being a celebrity. Let’s see how my WP ratings go, and maybe I’ll pose again for you and your friends some other time.”


This post is linked to Jude’s ‘Photography In The Garden Get A Little Closer’ challenge.

A very happy Thursday to you all.


107 comments on “Anatole has a green rival for our attention

  1. I like all of these, and you are so lucky he sat still and posed!! I love the angle and his movement in the third one, but all are crisp and clear!! For some reason, I love lizards, always have. Maybe I was a lizard in a past life?

  2. Ah, the lovely Iggy looking awfully smug in that last photo. Your close-ups are getting better and better Sylvia. You have shown him off a treat. Can’t wait to see who pops up in your garden next once they hear about this post! Perhaps they have their own form of Twitter πŸ˜‰

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