Mundane Monday: Keep calm and climb a palm

Not quite such a Mundane Monday here in West Palm. When I pulled up my bathroom blind this morning, I saw what I thought was a smallish brown dog running past my window, but when he turned his face towards me I realised it was actually a fox. He was closely followed by an otter about two feet long. Of course, before I could grab my camera, they were both long gone. As I once told you, each morning I never know who will be ‘on-stage’Β  when the curtain goes up. After that bit of excitement, I looked around to see if there was anyone else in sight, but no there was absolutely nothing to disturb the peaceful scene before my eyes;


No alligators, no iguanas, no mini-dinosaurs, no lizards, no squirrels; but wait…….what’s that right at the very top of the palm tree? There was Sammy enjoying an early breakfast whilst on lookout duty. This energetic little guy never stops except to eat. Don’t you think he’s looking quite rotund these days?


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This is also my third day of the ‘7 days of nature’ challenge which Anna of ‘Una Vista Di San Fermo’ has nominated me to do. If you would like to join me, feel free to post a nature photo on seven consecutive days and link your post to mine.

Have a great week everyone.

85 comments on “Mundane Monday: Keep calm and climb a palm

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  2. Isn’t this funny how didn’t get a chance to check out many posts last night but today I had a planned squirrel post and a man named Paul also said he had a post with 2 squirrels in conversation! πŸ™‚ I did check his out this am and now this evening found your really cute Sammy Squirrel! ❀

  3. I love that squirrel…just like a cartoon character. I’m amazed you have foxes in your part of the world…the things you find out through blogging..!

    • Thanks, Gerrie.Yes, Sammy is so perfect for a cartoon character. I also didn’t know about the foxes, but reading up on it, I saw that that there are plenty of them around this area. There are both red and gray ones, gray being the most common. The one I saw was reddish brown. They are mostly nocturnal, so that’s why one doesn’t usually see them. You live and learn something every day. πŸ™‚

  4. Haven’t had much chance to visit blogs lately, but I’m trying to get around to doing some today. I love this picture of the palm tree. And a great shot of the squirrel. I’m not very good at getting animals in clear shots, since they tend to move so much. But I got a couple of a bird that I’m proud of and intend to hold onto for life.

    I’m sure I said this before, but I do love your background scene. It really is like “paradise.”

    • Thanks so much, Sandra. It does take time and patience to get good wildlife photos. My background scene was taken from high up on Isla del Sol, an island in the southern part of Lake Titicaca. It seems like another lifetime that we did that trip. πŸ™‚

  5. He still has that hungry look about him to me. Keep going Sammy! πŸ™‚
    Ad- you won’t believe it. April 26th and it’s snowing! Have I moved to Siberia without noticing? πŸ™‚

  6. Sammy’s looking very healthy, Sylvia πŸ˜€

    I hope you snap those foxes one day – I’m sure they’re very cute (but I may be alone thinking that if they’re rambunctious around the place) πŸ˜‰

  7. I like palm trees and then , I never thought that squirrels would sit on palm trees. I always thought squirrels are part of the Old World only. Have a nice Sunday, you in your paradise…

  8. Sammy, with his expanding waistline probably scared everyone else away! A fox and an otter, eh? You seem to have your very own animal refuge! How fun!

  9. Climb a palm? You know, in my younger days I did just that!
    Only to find that the top were occupied by a million angry red ants! Funny how I never discovered the sharp stem of the palm on the way up, but I promise you that I did hastily retreating back down again!

  10. Sylvia I think your back yard needs a time lapse camera! Imagine the video clips you could tantalize your audience with. By the sounds of it there may be an animal party going on every dawn and dusk!

  11. Oh, it was a very less eventful day πŸ˜‰ No alligator and all!!
    Anyway how did you spot this little guy?!! It will be some experience to wake up seeing different species of animals everyday!!

    • Exactly so, Jithin. Haven’t seen the alligators for a week or two, but it’s mating season, so they’re most probably busy. I knew that Sammy had to be somewhere, so I scoured the area and eventually spotted him. He can climb but he can’t hide. πŸ‘Ώ

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