Mr. Peli and his entourage

For my fourth day of the ‘7 Days of Nature’ challenge, here is  shot of Mr. Peli and his cormorant entourage gliding past our previous house. I have to say that I do miss seeing the birds up so close now that we’ve moved, but at least I have a quite different and equally fascinating lot of creatures who visit me here.


Thanks to Anna  of ‘Una Vista Di San Fermo’ for nominating me to do this challenge. If you would like to join me, you just need to post a nature photo on seven consecutive days and link your post to mine.

Happy Tuesday to you all.

56 comments on “Mr. Peli and his entourage

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  3. The beauty in the photo fron your past home is simple special. The “entourage” of Mr Peli is really cool, Sylvia. I like the water ripples! 🙂
    This may sound silly but I picture a place where you could put your feet up and also read or watch wildlife. I like the idea of a standing metal frame double swing (with a cushion) to set up to see the water from your new home’s back yard. 🙂 we had one up at my Mom’s to watch Lake Erie, my aunt and Mom would sit on the swing while the men, Dadand my uncle would sit on a wooden bench.

    • Me too, Jill. I think that when we have the living area finished here, I’ll be able to spend more time looking out to see who is visiting. At the moment, there’s no place there to sit, and I spend a lot of my time in the bedroom which doesn’t have a view of the water. 😕

  4. Wonderful nature photo, Sylvia — it’s not easy to get so close to cormorants, and I love that you captured their sparkling blue eyes. Happy Tuesday to you too!

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