Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge: Blue Herons Can Jump


‘Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge’ is about those photos we take which really don’t seem to fit into a common category, but we just can’t hit delete because they have about them a certain odd ball quality which we rather like.

Great Blue Herons are really wonderful to watch. They have such poise and are so graceful in flight. I had to laugh at this one who decided to investigate the neighbour’s patio across the water. He hopped up onto the barbecue, and then just launched himself across to the table.


He then stepped onto the back of the chair and jumped back again. Very ‘odd ball’ behaviour indeed. I think that the bright sunlight and the reflections in the window give this last photo especially, a kind of bizarrely ethereal odd ball quality?


Hope your week is going well. I’m off to the dentist this morning to get a naughty tooth fixed.



Another ‘Mundane Monday’ visitor in my backyard

The old rock water feature in our backyard will one day be restored and incorporated into the lanai, but until then it serves as a favourite hangout for many fascinating critters.

Anatole the Brown Anole lizard loves baking in the sun. I crept outside to do a photo shoot with him, and at first he didn’t seem notice me.


After the first few photos, I think the beep of my camera alerted him to the presence of a ‘rival’ for his territory. He started furiously bobbing his head up and down and also did a few push-ups, as if to say,”Hey you!  This is my spot, and I’m busy working on my tan. Just back off now.”


When that little display of bad temper didn’t work, he flashed his psychedelic-orange dewlap at me. “How’s this for intimidating? I hope you’re suitably impressed. Now just get lost!” Okay, I’d got my photos, so I left him in peace to continue his siesta in the Florida sunshine.


If you have any ‘Mundane Monday’ photos, pop over to Jithin at ‘Photrablogger’ and join in the fun.  I’m also linking to Jude’s Garden Photography Challenge which is looking for close-ups and macros this month.

Today I’m taking some time off from sawdust sweeping to go gallivanting with a couple of girlfriends. We’ll have lunch and do a bit of shopping. Hope you’re all in for a great week.


My Sunday Photo: Pretty in Pink

My orchid is now in full bloom and so gorgeous that I keep going out into the front garden to have another look at it. I’m so glad the Iguanas didn’t munch the buds.


It’s a lovely day here in Florida. Hope your Sunday is a good one.

I’m also linking this to Jude’s ‘Get a little closer’ Garden Photography Challenge.




WPC: Last Night’s Dinnertime

Yesterday evening found us at our local TGI Friday’s, as hubby had received a voucher for a free entrée in his inbox. As we are still ‘kitchenless’, we’re always on the lookout for a good deal on dinner out.

Just as we arrived, the heavens opened and down came the rain in torrents. I just made it from the car into the restaurant, with only slightly wet hair, but those who came in after us needed lots of napkins to dry themselves off. The service and the vibe was really good, and we were soon settled in a booth, me with a Blue Moon and hubby with a Sam Adams. A few minutes later we had to move into the next one, as there was a bit of a leak over part of our table and a bucket was required.

Hubby’s choice of Jack Daniel’s Flat Iron steak and ribs with tomato and mozzarella salad looked so delicious, and he was generous enough to give me a taste of the ribs.


I had the grilled Norwegian salmon topped with Langostino lobster, which was made really healthy with a side of broccoli. 🙂


It’s always hard to resist the dessert menu, and as hubby had been busy up on the scaffold all day, and I’d been to gym, we decided to share a decadent ‘Tennessee Whiskey Cake’ which is warm toffee cake topped with glazed pecans, a scoop of vanilla ice cream and served with butterscotch Jack Daniel’s Whiskey sauce. So yummy!


When we left, we were amazed to see that the car park looked like a lake. Luckily our car was in a non-flooded space, but hubby had to do a bit of a detour to get to it without having to paddle through the ankle-deep water. Being the gentleman that he is, he picked me up right outside the door so my tootsies didn’t get wet.

Tonight we will buy sushi to eat at home and no dessert. Have a great weekend everyone.

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Thursday’s Special: Three of a kind in San Jose


“Now you must be off. For you shall go to the ball.” ~ Fairy Godmother to Cinderella

This week, Paula invites us to share a photo showing ‘Three of a kind’.

In 2013  we started our tour of Costa Rica in the capital San José. It was already evening, so after booking into our hotel, we went for a walk around the immediate area. There wasn’t really much to see except a few car rental dealers and a couple of fast food outlets, but just happening to glance up at a lighted window above McDonalds and Taco Bell, I spotted something which was in sharp contrast to the dark and dingy street below.


Well maybe like me you’re not going to any ball this weekend, but do have a great one anyway.


Garden Photography Challenge: The Aliens Have Landed

An amazing new visitor showed up on our rockery yesterday. I’ve never seen anything quite so weird in my backyard. Meet Basil the Brown Basilisk. His generic name basiliscus is taken from the creature of Greek Mythology made up of parts of a rooster, snake and lion. It could turn a man to stone by its gaze, so don’t look too closely into those eyes. When facing danger these lizards have been known to run 10-20 metres on water without sinking.


He was closely followed up the rockery by young Iggy Junior, wearing his bright green shirt and leggings. His family have been residents here for a while, so he was watching Basil with some interest to see if there was any threat to their territory. Eventually, Basil slunk off , as there was no way that his drab brown jacket could possibly compete with the gaudy attire of Iggy Jr..


As you can see, there’s never a dull moment here, which is just as well, or I’d run out of photos for Jude’s Garden Photography Challenge, which for the month of April is ‘Close-Ups or Macros’.

Happy Thursday everyone.

Balancing Acts for Ailsa’s Travel Theme

“Step with care and great tact, and remember that Life’s a great balancing act.”  ~ Dr Seuss

Ailsa has some great photos for her Travel Theme Balance this week. Here are a few of mine.

Woody wood stork obviously has a good head for heights and a great sense of balance.


I really admire the amazing ability to balance on a surf board when surrounded by huge waves.


This beach vendor in Umhlanga has a great sense of balance too.


I know some of you have seen this one before, but I cant resist popping it in for the theme. Balance doesn’t get much better than this, does it?


At the moment, hubby is doing his own balancing act up on the scaffold.


Now I’m off to balance a few weights at the gym. Wishing you all a perfectly balanced Tuesday.







B&W Sunday and Mundane Monday Macro in the garden

Jithin over at ‘Trablogger’ hosts the ‘Mundane Monday’ challenge, and this week, Paula’s  ‘B&W Sunday’ challenge is ‘Delicate’. When I look out of my bathroom window to see if Sammy is around, I always spy what looks like a small tuft of dried up grass stuck to the trunk of one of the palm trees. After googling it, I now know that it’s an air plant called Tillandsia.  These strange plants which require no soil, have no stems or roots, and with leaves that really don’t look like leaves at all,  are related to the pineapple family. It might look delicate, but is actually very hardy and survives well without water,  absorbing moisture  and nutrients from the air. I think that although it may be somewhat mundane,  it’s rather beautiful.


I’m also linking this to Jude’s ‘Get a little closer’ garden photography challenge.


Wishing you all a great week. Hubby has just returned from Home Depot with another load of timber……….more sawdust to sweep. How mundane is that?

My Sunday Photo: Good Morning Sammy

The first thing I do  when I raise my bathroom blind in the morning, is look to see if Sammy squirrel is anywhere in sight. He’s usually busily scurrying around searching out his food caches and possibly making more. These Eastern Grey Squirrels hoard vast quantities of food, and can make several thousand caches per season. Maybe that accounts for the numerous small holes in our lawn, but how could I possibly not forgive someone who looks so cute?


I’m also linking this to Jude’s ‘Get a little closer’ Garden Photography Challenge. Hope you’re all enjoying a great Sunday.