Mundane Monday: Beauty even in death

Jithin of ‘Trablogger’ believes that there is beauty to be found everywhere even in the most mundane things, if we only look for it.

I went out into the lanai to sweep sawdust, a regular pastime for me these days. There amongst the debris lay a dead butterfly, which I later identified as aΒ  Gulf Fritillary, also known as the Passion Butterfly. I couldn’t possibly just sweep her up with the sawdust, so I took her outside and laid her on a rock in the sunshine. The gorgeous bright orange wings with black spots were almost perfect.


The underside with its flashy iridescent silver markings, is in my opinion even prettier.


A while later, I saw that the breeze had blown her into the pond, where she floated gently on the surface, glistening in the Florida sunshine.Β  I hope that my post has given this gorgeous lady a decent sendoff, and now she lives forever on WordPress.

Happy Monday to you all, and I hope your week is going to be a good one.

101 comments on “Mundane Monday: Beauty even in death

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  2. Oh how absolutely beautiful and forever memorialised here indeed on your delightful blog. I can’t think of a better send off for this lovely creature…you’ve touched my heart Sylvia ❀ xx

  3. This pretty Gulf Fritillary is such a lovely sight. I like her or him on either side, black spots are dramatic but silver ones are dressy! Thank you for treating it with respect. I will say, rest in peace, dear natural wonder. πŸ™‚

  4. That’s a little melancholy, but you’re right, she’s still beautiful, without even the benefit of a morgue cosmetologist!

  5. I lke that idea that her beauty will remain forever through your blog….and so many people can admire those beautiful wings.
    We are off to Italy tomorrow for a holiday (and Paul is giving a paper at a conference there) so I will still be following, but not always able to reply…I’ll be with all blogger posts in spirit!

  6. immagine tenerissima della tua delicatezza d’animo
    un grande filosofo greco diceva della morte
    nessuno puΓ² dire che non possa essere il bene piΓΉ grande
    e questa farfalla sta lì forse a confermarlo
    serena giornata cara Sylvia

  7. As you say butterflies are beautiful even in death. I have noticed a lot of dead bees around our home lately too. Shame because we need them all to keep our gardens growing. Thanks Sylvia

  8. I don’t mind seeing dead butterflies, Sylvia because you know they’ve made it through the entire life-cycle without being attacked and eaten. That’s not an easy feat for them. RIP dear butterfly πŸ˜€

  9. butterflies are so beautiful…this one in particular! Such amazing colors…I don’t see many around my place…I think it is due to the fact I don’t have my landscaping done yet. 😦 soon I hope

  10. You gave her the equivalent of a Viking send-off, but for butterflies, Sylvia. πŸ™‚ I think there’s beauty in not on the mundane but in the dead as well, which is one reason I take lots of photos during the winter. Happy Monday!


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