Garden Photography: Wildflowers in my backyard

For the month of May, Jude’s Garden Photography Challenge is looking for ‘Wildflowers’.  Here’s a very pretty one that lines the edge of the water in my backyard. I think they are  Wild Quinine, although I’m not entirely sure of this.


Iggy & Co. can often be seen hiding among them.


Have a wonderful Thursday. It’s a sparkling day here in Florida after yesterday’s welcome rain. Tonight we’re going out with friends to a Mexican restaurant to celebrate ‘Cinco de Mayo’. The date is observed to commemorate the Mexican army’s unlikely victory over French forces at the Battle of Pueblo on May 5, 1862. Any excuse for a party here in America.

65 comments on “Garden Photography: Wildflowers in my backyard

  1. Wow, you started me down a rabbit-hole, and I still haven’t solved the mystery! I was intrigued when you said your photo was “wild quinine” because that’s one of my favorite flowers, and I didn’t know it grew in Florida! When I looked at it, and it was NOT wild quinine I thought I’d figure out what it was and help you out with some info – but no such luck! After going down a couple wrong paths, I finally figured out that it is actually TWO plants – a vine-like white flower twining around the taller plant! I can’t really tell, but it might be this:

  2. Hope you enjoyed your celebration tonight, Sylvia. We almost went to a Mexican restaurant in Sebring for lunch, but decided to hike through a Cypress Swamp on a “catwalk” instead.

  3. attenta al mal di pancia se il cibo è messicano!
    eh, sì ogni scusa è buona per festeggiare lo si dice anche in Italia ( e soprattutto lo si fa)
    deliziosi i tuoi fiori selvaggi

  4. Ahh…I remember Cinco de Mayo from when the kids were at school in CA. Have fun tonight Sylvia. We’re enjoying lovely balmy sunshine here and for the weekend to come, looks like the bbq might be getting its first use of the season 🙂 Lovely photos as always…have a wonderful weekend my friend 🙂 xx

  5. The flower Looks a bit like our winter snowball, it is a shrub. Today is Father’s Day here in Germany, a Holiday (it is really Jesu Christ’s Ascension to Heaven). Have a nice eve… 🙂

  6. Have fun tonight, Sylvia. Thanks for reminding me of Cinco de Mayo! With our kitchen renovation underway, I’m always looking for a fun place to eat, and now we can celebrate on top of that! I love your pretty wildflowers and Iggy & Co. We’re still getting rained under here! It’s been rainy and gray for over a week now….

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