Travel Theme: Friendship

“The only way to have a friend, is to be one.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

This week’s Travel Theme’ invites us to celebrate ‘Friendship’ in all its different guises.

My mom is on my mind a lot this weekend. Here is a photo of her with Marge who was her best friend for many decades. Mom once told me that they were even closer than sisters and shared all their secrets. They were so comfortable in each others’ company and were really happy to grow old together.


Here’s me with my best friend. Hubby and I are so rarely apart, that we’re like one another’s shadows.


George and I? No, we’re just acquaintances. 🙂


Here’s my son and his family making friends with Mickey and Minnie.


I loved seeing this man and his best friend going for an early morning paddle together in Manuel Antonio.


To see more friendship photos, visit Ailsa’s travel blog.



70 comments on “Travel Theme: Friendship

  1. I have the same picture with George, I even put my hand on his knee…. daring….. I know. Well he didn’t slap me but kept on smiling. (He was my hero for a while). Nice collection of friendship photos!

  2. I was going to ask about Marge but you’ve answer to Gilly solved that one. May she continue with good health. You posted a lovely array of photographs for the challenge Each one has a treasured feel exhibiting love. Lovely …

  3. This was a lovely collection of photographs representing friendsI enjoyed most of all Marge and your mother’s friendship! I also liked the George photo and you are just friends. I liked the second most, Sylvia, seeing those precious grandchildren with your son and his wife. Happy Mother’s Day to a fantastic friend (to many) and Mother and Grandmother, Sylvia! ❤

  4. Love this post … Especially the one of your mother and her friend … She reminds me so much of my mother … Her best friend passed away last year …

    And then we have the photo of you and George , just lovely … To really catch your beauty it needs a good photopgrapher … Oh, it was Hubby 😉 !
    That explain your sparkling eyes towards the man with the camera 🙂 …
    I really missed your post Sylvia! … Hugs from me // Maria 🙂

  5. oggi la festa della mamma e mi ha molto commossa l’immagine della tua con la sua grande amica, questi ricordi rendono dolce la vita
    ho amato anche le vostre ombre che sono gigantesche forme dell’anima
    abbi un nuovo giorno felice nel tuo bel paradiso 🙂

    • Thank you so much, Annalisa. Yes, those giant shadows of us, express well the great love we share for one another. I couldn’t resist a photo. 😀 Hope you’ve had a very happy day today too. xx

  6. Great shots of all your favorite friends. I especially like you cuddled up to George! But where was hubby?

    I can’t help but wonder why there seem to be so many dogs riding on the paddle boards.

  7. That first Mother’s Day without your mother can be so hard. I remember that well. Wandering around the shops with gifts galore and no-one to buy them for. And my daughter was in South Africa at the time so I felt very alone even with my boys still at home. Happy memories Sylvia, though I know you will be feeling sad.

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