Footprints in the mud

Those footprints in the mud which I posted yesterday, seemed to have many of you guessing. Hubby, being the practical man that he is, put paid to my love of all things mysterious, by saying “Oh it must have been just one of the rangers walking around down there.”  What a humdrum explanation that was, and not at all what I would like to believe! Some of my saner blog friends also came up with “human prints.” Otto’s comment which I quite enjoyed was they were “alien footprints” and The Ark who really knows about all things ancient, categorically identified them for me  “Dinosaurs obviously. Probably the species Doyouthinkhesaurus,” whilst Tandy  came up with ” a man on stilts.” Well I certainly wouldn’t go walking around down there without very tall stilts, because just under the boardwalk a bit further along, was a rather large creature with his scaly back just visible above the water.


As he came out the other side, he popped his head up for a moment.


I couldn’t see his feet, but I bet they would easily match the size of those footprints. I know that alligators have webbed toes, but maybe the web bits of the imprint had sort of collapsed  in the soft mud, and all that was left were these indentations. I rather enjoyed Sue’s comment about “a wobble-gaited mammal” which would fit perfectly for my ‘gator theory.


If the water had evaporated in one part of the marsh because of the lack of rain, then it would be necessary to walk instead of swim to an area which still had some water. Oh, this mystery of my own making is so perplexing, and I fear it may never be solved, so I think that maybe we should rather ask Big Al. I’m sure there’s not much goes on in the marsh that escapes his notice.


Happy Tuesday to you all.




96 comments on “Footprints in the mud

  1. I like this guy’s new nickname, which means he won’t replace Mr. A, he will be “Big Al!” 🙂 I would have seen the footprints had I started at the earliest posts and moved forward to today’s post, Sylvia. I am instead going “back in time!” 🙂 Fun guesses, I imagine!

  2. i misteri destano la fantasia ma forse è meglio che restino tali perché spesso le loro svelazioni sono le più banali
    le immagini di oggi sono superlative, spcialmente quella di mister coccodrillo, tanto è a distanza di sicurezza he he
    felice giorno cara

  3. Ok … So we still don´t know what the prints came from … 2 or 4 legged creatures … But I´m sure you tell us all when you know for sure 😉 …
    Jour gator photos is fantastic … I must say that I´m glad they don´t live here in Sweden 🙂 … // Maria 🙂

  4. I find this post very interesting but a bit scary
    How can you approach that area , thinking there could be a big alligator wandering about?…
    But it seems the mystery persists…
    Looking forward to receiving many more updated details, I recommend you: take care!

    • Thanks for your concern for my safety, Anna. It’s really safe there for the public, as the boardwalks are quite a few feet above the swamp. Only the birds can get up there, not the alligators. 🙂

  5. This could be a new and potentially dangerous take on of the fairy tale of the Glass Slipper.

    Great post. I continue to be amazed by your calm focused photos of these critters. Thank you for sharing. 📮

  6. I didn’t think of this, Mr. A, oh my God! Does he follow you dear Sylvia, wherever you go, you find him… or he finds you… Is this the end of the mystery now 🙂 Please, be careful and be in safe… I don’t like Mr. A and his family 🙂 Thank you, Love, nia

  7. And there was me thinking you were going to reveal the definitive answer. You need to follow Mr A when he exits the water and snap his footprints. Just don’t get snapped yourself.

    Loved the renovation pix btw. It’s really coming along. What a difference. Your husband is a workaholic!

  8. Perhaps it was Big Al, Hisself. This would make my Didyouthinkhesaurus comment closer to the truth than we might think, considering the history of Alligators.

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