Feathers on Friday: On Golden Pond

Here is one of the beauties we saw at the Green Cay Wetlands reserve last Sunday. This Tri-colored Heron in all his glory, was looking for a hapless fish to spear with his long pointy beak.


It didn’t take long before he was targeting his prey.


Probably just a small minnow went down the hatch, but he strutted off looking very well pleased with himself.


If you have any bird photos for Charlotte’s ‘Feather’s on Friday’ challenge, you’ll find her here.

Wishing you all a splendid weekend. It’s hubby’s birthday on Sunday, so as a special treat, he’ll be getting to take the day off from his renovation work.

108 comments on “Feathers on Friday: On Golden Pond

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  4. This may mean I am caught up, Sylvia! I went to the Delaware (Oh) Arts Festival three times, also saw the Mother’s Day movie, which ended up a teary but sweet story intertwining a few lives along the way, with a coworker. Take care and thanks for the beautiful golden pond with the pretty and majestic heron! πŸ™‚

  5. Great capture of the heron. It’s amazing to see them fishing in such clear water.

    Wish hubby a very happy birthday and a well deserved day off to play!

  6. What a wonderful character….expertly caught by youπŸ’žI think you’re developing a real skill as a bird life photographer…..love the colours and framing of these😊

  7. This tri-colored Heron is beautiful and her colors contrast the golden pond perfectly! Have a great birthday celebration for hubby! I’m sure he will appreciate a day off 🍹🍷🍻

    • Thanks, Gilly. Yes, I wouldn’t like to get skewered on that beak. Hubby has just finishing tiling the laundry and is on the second coat of paint, then he can relax until tomorrow. πŸ˜€

  8. Your feathery shots are getting amazing. I wanted to zoom in on this beauty, but regardless I can see how tack sharp the images are. The colour scheme is gorgeous too.

  9. a beautiful bird.. did he not perhaps leave the prints in the caked mud lately? If he had fooled you he would just as delightedly have strutted off…
    Amazing shots. I like the circles in the water…
    Did you take the right sequence of pics? 1-2-3 or rather 2-1-3?

  10. What a fabulous golden pond, love your photos here Sylvia. The contrast with Little Blue Heron is stunning. Have a wonderful weekend too, and many happy birthday wishes to hubby and a well deserved rest! πŸ™‚ xx

  11. Beautiful photographs dear Sylvia, golden pond giving a wonderful background to the bird… Loved them. Thank you, have a nice day and weekend, Love, nia

  12. I had to read this to my hubby. Anyone who happened to see a blue heron might be able to take a picture of it standing in the water. If a person happened to be patient, they might capture him capturing a fish and fleeing the scene. But NOBODY can give it the personality you do. I love the last line, “Probably just a small minnow went down the hatch, but he strutted off looking very well pleased with himself.” I don’t know that I would have captured the right verb, but he did strut, and the emotion… well you are just brilliant.

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