Six Word Saturday: Why is it called a birdfeeder?

I’ve recently seen a couple of beautiful smaller birds in our backyard, but they never stay long enough for me to get a photo or to identify them, so I had the brilliant idea of buying a birdfeeder and a bag of seeds. Yay me!

Of course not much escapes Sammy’s attention,


and the birds watching from a distance, don’t even get a look in.


Sammy also brought some of his mates along to share in the feast, and generously allowed them to have the ones which fell on the ground.


and whilst one stood guard,


another one, wearing the fiercest look he could muster, was all set to chase off the enemy.


The Iggy family sunning themselves on the rocks, just looked on in amazement wondering what all the fuss was about. “Seeds? Who on earth wants to eat bird seed?”


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84 comments on “Six Word Saturday: Why is it called a birdfeeder?

  1. Haha…naughty Sammy! I adore squirrels, and you’ve got some great captures here Sylvia – especially the first one, it’s brilliant! I hope the birds got a look in after he had his fill…they are so savvy aren’t they? I have bird feeders hanging in a tree in our back garden and recently, I saw one of the neighbour’s cats literally hanging from one! I was not happy, as you can imagine. My cats would never do such a thing, naturally πŸ˜‰ Of course, big tough Eddie, my black moggie, was nowhere to be seen so I had to do all the chasing away! πŸ™‚ xx

  2. Oh my Greek! This is so hilarious!!! Quite possibly the funniest you ever posted.
    I think changing the location is a great idea. But that’s just my two cents. Or get another one.

  3. That sneaky squirrel made me chuckle! I also liked the bird peeking from behind the tree, and Mr. Iggy, who is always a pleasure to see, especially relaxing or sunning. πŸ™‚

  4. Maybe the birds will get a turn at the feeder later . . . when the squirrels have squirreled away as much as they can.

    And, my, look at all Iggy Pop’s family!

  5. I should get a bird feeder here, Sylvia. We don’t have squirrels in Australia (a shame) so I’d be a very excited if I came out in the morning and saw one at the feeder – lol. I love the Iggy family, so majestic! πŸ˜€

  6. Sylvia, I’m a big fan of bird feeders, but I must admit that over the years, the squirrels have finally worn me down. The final straw was squirrels that would either damage the feeder, or ride it to the ground and dump all the seeds. And I thought that humans were at the top of the food chain. πŸ™‚ ~James

  7. I would say, normally the seeds you have there in the feeder are far too small for the squirrel’s taste. It was their imagination driving them there, they perhaps thought the seeds would grow in no time to the size to at least sunfluower seed size, so that they could hold the treats with their tiny hands…

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