Happy Birthday Memories

Today would have been my darling Mom’s 91st. I remember how excited I was last year to be travelling to South Africa to be at her 90th birthday party.


Family and friends surrounded her with love, and although her dementia meant she wasn’t really too aware of what was happening, we all rallied round and made it a really happy day. Little did we know that she would leave us only three months later.


Our sweet granddaughter Taylor was born on her great-grandma’s birthday, so in a way, they are forever bound together. I remember only three years ago when mom came to stay with us in our beach house for her 88th birthday, and we all chatted on Skype for Taylor’s 4th birthday. It’s so good to remember the happy times we had together


Mom loved nature and when we took her out, she would always remark on the beauty which she saw around her. She especially loved birds and butterflies, and when I woke up this morning, I received a WhatsApp message from my sister who lives very close to where mom lived and died; “Big butterfly in garden this morning. I think Mom’s come by to say hello!”


Happy Birthday to two very special people.

Wishing you all a lovely Thursday.





90 comments on “Happy Birthday Memories

  1. How lucky were you to have such a wonderful mother in your life for so many years and to have her memory to cherish for years to come. You have certainly picked up her love of nature and capture it so well to share with the rest of us. I know what you mean about butterflies. I lost my best friend to cancer in 2010. For some reason, every time I see a butterfly, I think of her telling me that she is ‘okay’

  2. The party last year was a splendid landmark for a lovely and dear mother and family member. I am glad to know Taylor will carry her birthday forward, while angels may appear in various forms of winged messengers. ❀
    Happy 5th belated birthday to Taylor. πŸ™‚

  3. I love these May birthday posts. My son just had his 13th birthday on May 23. He was born on his late grandmother’s birthday, that of my husband’s mother. Sadly, they never met. She passed away in 1989 before my husband and I had even met each other and our son wasn’t even a twinkle in anyone’s eye.

    This year’s birthday was much quieter this year than one year ago, when he was having surgery for appendicitis just 3 days before he turned 12. We had to postpone his party for a few weeks!

    Thank you for sharing the final celebration you were able to have with your mother. She sounds like a special person!

  4. Just want to add my hugs and empathy to all the rest. It will be 16 years next month since my mom passed at age 93. She lived with dementia the last dozen years of her life, most of them with my wife and I at our home because she could no longer care for herself.

  5. Sylvia I am reaching through the screen this morning to give you a big hug. I so remember this time from last year. I love the message and photo your sister sent. How lovely is that vision? xoxo

  6. This post really touched me … Love your text and photos … Memories can be such a comfort …
    This Sunday we celebrate mothers day here in Sweden … I donΒ΄t think mother remembers this day … But she still like a good party with a cake and lots of cockies … And IΒ΄ll try my very best to give her that …
    XO from me to you … // Maria πŸ™‚

  7. the Skype picture is precious – and how cool to carry on this date for the bday – awesome post and sending b-day wishes to granddaughter and mum who is looking down.


  8. Welcome back home to the sunshine state, Sylvia! You had a wonderful trip, no time to get bored 😏 or hungry with all those goodies!

  9. Your mother looks like such a lovely lady, Sylvia. I’m sure her birthday will always tug at your heart. How wonderful that she had her family to surround her and celebrate with her!

  10. Dementia takes so much away from a person, but it’s wonderful to think that your mom’s spirit may well abound in the beauty of a butterfly.

  11. butterflies are bearers of wonderful things, Sylvia and i truly believe your Mom came for a visit! beautiful birthday memories for two special people! happy birthday to both! πŸ™‚

    • I love to imagine that this is so, Anand. After our father died, my sister kept seeing a particular bird in the tree outside her art studio. She said it was our dad come to give her inspiration for her painting. πŸ™‚

  12. A beautiful tribute to your dear mother, Sylvia. I too have a granddaughter called Taylor, and I too find poignant meaning in butterflies due to the loss of my grandson nearly five years ago and with who the association is made and lives on.

  13. What a beautiful mother. And what a lovely homage to her. That’s lovely that you got to see her for her 90th a year ago but it’s never easy to lose our mothers. Mine also slide away to dementia — she made it to 88. Sending you love and hugs today.

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